Tarjetas Baby Shower (Libre). Also comes with Similarly Designed Thank You Cards


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Looking for tarjetas baby shower? This is most likely because the mom to be or dad to be is of Spanish descent and would love a baby shower full of anything Spanish-related, or you think a Fiesta theme is the right way to do her baby shower. Whatever your reason for wanting a tarjetas baby shower, the templates found on this page are something you can consider, since we made sure that the invitation wordings are in Spanish, and will fit right in with your other preparations.

You can find two types of invitation on this page. One is available to the general public, while the other set is only exclusive to our quarterly newsletter subscribers. If you are not yet a subscriber, then you might want to consider subscribing, since aside from those found on this page, many of our provided invitation templates are exclusively available to our newsletter subscribers. And since we only release once a quarter, you don’t even need to worry about getting too much email from us. And last but not the least, subscription will not cost you a thing, so if that sold the idea to you, just make use of the form available on this page to subscribe, follow the instructions that will be emailed, and you are on your way to getting these exclusive templates.

Just in case you’ve changed your mind, we also have the English version of these invites, so if you are open to English invites, you might like to check out our general baby shower invitations and theme-based invitations. Both of the said invitations are non-Spanish, English to be specific. The former is designed for baby showers in general, so they won’t have any theme-based elements on their design, just babies, babies and more babies, and it also comes with a Theme field just in case you decided you love it even if you are throwing a theme-based shower. Now on the latter, these are our invitations which tried to marry some of the theme elements and of course babies.

That should already give you tons of options for your tarjetas baby shower.



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Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Invitation



AMAZING Free Baby Shower Cards

Libre Tarjetas Baby Shower (Niño)
Libre Tarjetas Para Baby Shower (Niña)

AMAZING Exclusive Baby Shower Cards

Blooming Tarjetas Baby Shower (Niño)


How to get and use our tarjetas baby shower:

Our tarjetas baby shower, similar to our other invitation templates, are saved as images (JPEG to be specific) so just get them the same way you get other images from the internet.

And similar to our English invitations, we made sure our invitations comes with an invite designed for ninos and ninas, so not having the right invitation that will fit with mom to be’s shower is not going to be a problem.

And like our other templates, you have the option to make use of our ready to use invitation template, wherein you just need to input your different party details and your invitations are good to go. Another approach, which we are definitely recommending, is for you to come up with your very own invitation wordings, something that can really showcase your Spanish language ability seems like a great idea.

So if you decided to just make use of the ready to use template, then that’s the image you will insert in a blank Microsoft Word, insert a text box on top of that, and type in your party details. If you will find it easier to do so, you can also insert one text box per field if you think this can help you manage navigation better.

If you love the idea of your own wordings, then use the blank card as your base image, and just follow the insert text box instructions stated above, since that step will work on either templates.



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