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Be sure to check out our instructions for our stork baby shower invitation for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Stork is a one popular bird, especially in the baby shower arena. We can’t exactly say if it’s THE most popular bird on baby showers, since ducks are also in the limelight. But right here on this page, we have something for your event, a baby shower invitation something to be exact, that will work perfectly if you are throwing mom to be a stork theme shower and she happens to be having a boy. Now no need to worry if she is having a girl, since this is where you can get the girl version of this invitation.

Although you can throw a stork themed shower for other types of showers, we think stork baby showers are also great for adoption showers. So if that’s your reason for searching for stork baby shower stuff, make sure you check out our adoption baby shower ideas. And here you can find our other adoption themed baby shower invitations, since we do we have other invites without a stork in the picture, but still will be a great printable for any adoption themed shower.


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How to get our stork baby shower invites:

Our stork baby shower printables, like all the other printable invitation templates we have prepared, comes with other “friends”, a thank you note and a card that we left purposely blank because we think it will be more versatile for our readers that way. More on that later.

To get all the printables on this page, which happen to be saved as images, you will need to follow your typical method of getting images from the net, or just do a right click on the image you want, choose Save File/Image As, depending on your browser, and following the saving instructions which includes supplying the folder name where you want everything to be saved.

You can do this before or after you get the images, but the next thing to do is to decide how do you want to create your invitation. Are you the type who wants to come up with your own invitation wordings? Or are you just looking for something to start with, and you plan to add an embellishment or two? If you answered yes to this, then the blank card is what we recommend you use. The fact that it comes with similarly designed background as our other templates, plus the fact that it is blank, makes it a nice canvass for your wordings if we may say so. And if you do plan to add an image or two, we would like to pitch you check out our free baby shower clip arts, since we tried to compile some baby and baby shower-related images from the net, and you might just find something that will suit your need for embellishment.

But if you want to have things simple, just a matter of filling up your party details and such, we say go for the ready to use invite. We have the fields already so if all these info matches what you plan to tell your guests, then perfect. Now if you think there’s too much or too little, you can still use the blank card to come up with a fill-up type of invitation, and since you are the one doing it, you can personalize the actual fields that is relevant to your event.

Whether you use the blank card or the ready to use invite, you can use your favorite image editor to add your pertinent details, or you can always use Microsoft Word. In a blank document, insert the template you plan to use and on top of it, insert a single text box (blank card) or one text box per field (ready to use). Just type in your information, save it, and your invitations are ready to be “delivered” by Mr. Stork!



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