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Shower Baby Games For Boys (Card 12)


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If the game on this page doesn't match what you have in mind, we say check out our baby shower games main page. Now if you love this game idea, this is where you can find more bingo cards.

Most of the games found on this page still requires some preparation on your part, so if you prefer ready to print baby shower games, you might want to check out BabyShowerGamesAtoZ, since they have tons of printable baby shower games, from the typical bingo to less common ones.






Baby Shower Games For Girls (Card 12)



Ready To Print Baby Shower Games





Animal themed baby showers are quite popular in the baby shower arena, may it about jungle animals, farm animals and the like. If this is the type of baby shower you're planning for your friend, then you might want to check out the baby shower game found on this page, since we designed it to fit right in with your other animal themed preparations.

And if you're guessing these are bingo cards, yes, you guess it right. These are indeed bingo cards, but instead of numbers that one associate with typical bingo or words related to baby showers in general, this features names of animal babies and mommies, which is why we are pitching this shower baby games to anyone who is having an animal themed celebration.

As with other bingo games, this is played with a host calling out the words (or on this case, the names of animal moms and their young), while players try to find a match on their cards.  And it can still be played with the first player having a vertical, horizontal or diagonal match being the winner. But we think a multi-level game, or maybe a different goal like matching all the words found at the outermost square of the bingo cards, can really put some nice twist to this very traditional game, so we say go for this approach if you think your guests will enjoy it.

And if you decided that this is indeed the shower baby games for your event, then make sure you get the card that will fit your event. The first bingo card on this page is designed for boys, while the second card is for girls. Since we're pretty sure you will need more than the cards found on this page, you might want to navigate to our shower baby games main page and from there follow the links provided so you can get our other game cards that are found on other pages. Check out our how to instructions for our different download tips and instructions.

Now if you are still open to other game choices, then you might like to check out our baby shower game page. We have another bingo game, which features moms and dads of the animal variety, so that can be one of your choices. If you want to go beyond the animal themed games, no worries, since we have educational themed bingo games (nursery rhyme themed games to be exact), and if you want to go beyond bingo games, we have matching games,  word scramble games and such. If you think your guests will appreciate more active games, we also have non-pen and paper games on said page, which you can find at the bottom section of our baby shower game main page, under Traditional Baby Shower Game to be specific. That should already give you tons of game choices, if we may say so.

How to get our shower baby games:

Our shower baby games card are saved as images, and you can download them by going to each page and each image that you want, and choosing Save File As or Save Image As, depending on the browser you're using. This means downloading each game card one image at a time.

Now if you don't mind answering a survey or two, we are also giving our readers a choice to download all the game cards of this game with just one click. You can do this by following this link.





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