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Safari Baby Shower Decorations


You should have lots of greens and browns in your shower room. Some trees and vines here and there will not be amiss.

Since this is a jungle/safari baby shower, be sure to include some cute stuff toys on those trees. Some baby elephants and playing monkeys will be cute! Babies ala Tarzan sitting on one of those trees or hanging from one of the vines will be cool!

If you have posters of Madagascar and other similar cartoon movies, this is the perfect time to bring them out since they're needed for your shower decoration. Other nature posters will work as well.

The baby banner should have a baby, some giraffe and zebra in the picture. You can also include a friendly-looking lion if you feel that a safari baby shower cannot be complete without the king of the jungle.

For your centerpiece, if you have animal stuff toys, place them in a basket, and use a ribbon or two to decorate them and to tie them together.

Another centerpiece idea is to use some pretty looking plates, which will be filled with animal-shaped cookies. Use some food glue (cornstarch mixed with hot water will work) to help the animals stand in your plate.

Or instead of using cookies, make use of cupcakes wherein each is decorated to have some spots to appear like that of a cheetah or leopard, stripes of a tiger or zebra, and so on. Display your cupcakes using a cake stand of some sort.

For balloons, you can either get some animal-shaped balloons or just get some ordinarily-shaped ones but comes with special leopard, cheetah, zebra, or tiger prints.



Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


Safari Jungle Baby Banner


Safari Theme Shower Supplies


Safari Candy Bouquet


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FREE Safari Baby Shower Printable Decorations


Throwing a jungle themed baby shower for her lil boy? Then we might just be able to help you out on your safari baby shower decorations.

If you, like us, love the idea of this elephant-footprint decoration, then check out the rest of our safari baby shower decorations designed with boys in mind.


Although usually associated with boy baby showers, we don't see a problem if mom to be has her heart set on a jungle or safari baby shower.

So if she is having a girl, then these girl safari baby shower decorations are what you want.


Looking for FREE and cute safari baby shower decorations? If you answered yes to that and your friend happens to be having a baby boy, then this baby shower jungle decorations might just be what you are looking for, so check it out!

And did we forget to mention that these are free and can be downloaded as easy as 1-2-3?


Who says a safari baby shower or a jungle baby shower is only good for boys? That's the great thing about colors, just make use of the right color (pink to be specific) and voila, the previous blue leopard print decorations are now perfect as your girl safari decorations for baby shower.






More Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


Safari Cupcake Wrappers


Safari Candy Boxes


Safari Cupcake Toppers


Jolly Giraffe Balloon


Lion Pull-string Pinata

If you think you need more ideas, this is where you can get more safari baby shower ideas.



How to use our safari baby shower decorations:

Our decorations for safari themed or jungle themed baby showers are printable, but you need a PDF reader since the lot comes in PDF format. 

The first thing to do is to choose the banner design you want, which you can decide on based on the preview images we've provided above, or if that's not enough, just follow the link to our baby shower banner or maybe even download the different PDF files, if that's the only way you can finalize your decision.

You can choose to just click on the link and the PDF contents will be shown on your browser. But if you plan to download it, then just right click on the PDF file and click Save File As.

Aside from baby shower banner, we have also provided some big and small printables, which can help you with your different decoration needs. Need a cupcake topper? Those small circle or square printables, when printed on something cardboard-like and stuck to a toothpick can be your cupcake topper right there. Can even be your favor box accent if you do decide to print it on a sticker paper, and stick to your plain-looking favor box to turn it into something with theme elements in just a few steps. And those big printables? They are big enough to decorate any area you have, even those higher than the eye level, so that is something you can consider.

The above usage ideas of our safari baby shower decorations are just a few examples. We made sure our printables are pretty versatile and flexible because we don't want to limit their usage to certain decoration areas only, since we know that each baby shower thrower will have different ideas or approaches on their decorations, and the more flexible our printable decorations, the more baby shower throwers will benefit from our freebies.





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