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Owl Baby Shower Decorations


Owls can be really cute, and although there are some scary versions, this is a baby shower so of course you want to single out the adorable variety rather than the scary stuff.

We love entrances and we think having an arc wherein owl cutouts can be made to look like they are perched above said arc is one entrance option. Another choice is to have two (fake) trees, which will be placed opposite each other, with their branches faced together and making an arc-like effect. Make sure you add an owl or two on said branch to add the right owl factor.

If you think it’s too good a day to be cooped up under a roof, having it outside, especially a place wherein trees are aplenty, means you can make use of real trees to perch a mommy and baby owl cut-outs or stuff toys. If trees are not available, no worries, since you can easily perch those owls at the back of some of your guests’ chairs and they will still do the same trick. And if you have one of those umbrella to shade you from the sun, decorating the edges by stringing owl cutouts is also something you can do.

If you decided to have this inside, then it’s time to bring out all the owl items you have inside your party room. Find a good place on where you can perch stuff toy owls, owl cut outs, and if you have throw pillowcase, curtain, and other linens that feature owls, they’re great additions to what you have prepared so far! Clothesline and baby showers are perfect together, so adding one will be great. Make sure you hang some baby stuff to make it look like a clothesline for real, and since this is for an owl baby shower, some owl cutouts or toys in the picture is highly recommended.

Owl cutouts in all shapes and sizes can be dangling from your ceiling, although you can add cutouts of alphabet, numbers, books and anything that can be associated to learning as well. Your walls should also be decorated with more owl posters and learning stuff. We loved personalized decorations, so if you can have the mom to hug a stuff toy or wear something owl-related, take her photo in different poses, and those will be great additions to your shower decoration.

Your baby banner can say something like Whooooooo is Having A Baby, with an owl perched on the baby’s carriage, high chair and so on.


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For your table decoration, a used wine bottle as your flower vase is something you can consider. Attach an owl stuff toy on each to make it the perfect addition to your owl shower. If you like edible centerpieces, we think a caramelized apple decorated to look like your friendly owl is quite cute so we’re pitching that in. A transparent jar full of owl candies will also bring color to your table, so be sure to consider them. And the great thing about edible centerpieces? They will not just make your table look pretty, they’ll also make a nice snack for you and your guests.

Depending on how big your event is, you might want to put a table number to guide your guests to the right table properly. You can write down the table number on an owl cutout, and if you can perch each cutout on a nice branch-like stand, that will be quite neat.

And to wrap up your decoration, add some white and brown balloons in the picture and you’re all set.



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We don't have printables designed especially for your owl baby shower decorations at this moment, but we do have general girl baby shower decorations that you can use for our owl baby shower decorations. You can also use these boy printables for your owl baby shower decorations.

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