Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas, Decoration Tips and FREE Invitation Templates


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Is she up for a ladybug baby shower? The great thing about this theme is that The Lady is one popular bug in the baby shower arena, which means you will not have any problem finding the right supplies that will help you throw that AMAZING and theme-based ladybug shower!

And another good news is that we have tons of ladybug shower freebies, which includes our free and exclusive baby shower invitations designed with the right ladybug elements. We also have printable decorations to help you set the right theme-based atmosphere, so make sure you check them out!



Free Baby Shower Invitation

Our MUST-SEE and FREE Printables for this theme, from invitation, thank you, and announcement cards, are all available here. Want to make your own cards? These free baby shower cliparts are the very thing you need!

Featured Ladybug Baby Shower Invitations

Isn't it cute? There's something about ladybugs (and bees as well) which makes them really cute when it comes to parties, which is also true for baby showers. Maybe we are just bias about these ladybug baby shower invitations, but if you love it the same way we do, make sure you check it out.



Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Sample Ladybug Baby Shower Decorations

These ladybug baby shower decorations comes with the right red and black hues, which will make it a fitting addition to whatever you have prepared so far for your friend's ladybug themed shower. To get this free theme-based banner and other printable ladybug shower decorations, check out the rest of our ladybug baby shower decoration freebies.


Baby Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our baby shower menu for this theme.


Baby Shower Game Ideas


Printable Games for Ladybug Baby Shower





Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!




More Ladybug Baby Shower Game Ideas


Spot That Baby Article (Individual Activity)

You will need a number of boxes decorated to look like a ladybug. Each box should have a different number of black dot(s). The number of boxes depends on how many baby articles you have and how challenging you want this game to be.

This game aims to challenge your guests’ ability to remember things (aka memory game). Each box contains a baby article. The goal of each of your guest is to be able to correspond which box corresponds to each baby article. The box number is defined by the number of its black dots.

Introduce your guests to each box randomly. Give them time to write down their answers, check their papers, and the person with the most number of correct answers win the game!

Want to make it extra challenging? You can have the same baby article appearing twice. That should add some confusion, and will let you better pinpoint who among your guests deserve the title Memory Champion.

Bowling (Individual Activity)

You will need 10 baby bottles, decorated to look like a ladybug (red with black polka dots), to be able to play this game.

Similar to a typical bowling game, the player need to be able to hit the bottles (and send them spinning) with their ball. Unlike your typical bowling, we suggest adopting a simpler point system – just give each person a turn, with the person with most bottle strikes winning the game.

But of course, simple doesn’t mean not challenging. To add some twist to your bowling game, we suggest having different levels, wherein your players will start off being nearer your bottles, and going farther as they level up. That should make your simple bowling game a little less simple, just the way you like it.

Buggy Race(Group Activity)

This is actually a relay race, a race where each member of the group will have her turn to push the buggy through a mini obstacle course, without losing any of the toys inside the buggy, or at least losing as little as possible.

Each group will have their chance to showcase their “driving” skills one at a time. A simple draw lots should help you determine who gets to showcase first.

Give each group a minute or two to strategize on how to arrange the toys in their buggy so as to increase the
chances of them staying put.

The group who was able to lose the fewest toy and was able to finish the race within the shortest time, will be your winning group!

Red and Black (Group Activity)

We got this idea from a reader of our sister site and we really love the idea so we're customizing it a bit so as to make it a perfect activity for a ladybug shower.

When you send your invitation, ask each of mommy's friends to write a little prayer for either the soon to be parents or the new baby. You also need lots of red balloons with black polka dots  since you will need them for this activity. The number depends on how many guests are expected.

The idea is to tie everyone's lil prayer on a balloon and send all "prayers" to the Heavens. Whether you send each prayer one at a time or send them all together, it will be quite amazing to see all those balloons fly up and up and up.

We'll leave it to you if you prefer to have each friend read his/her prayer to mom-to-be first. But either way, this will be a very solemn and touching activity and is definitely worth adding on any baby shower.

Want more baby shower games? More games available on this



Ladybug Baby Shower Favor and Prizes

Red hanky with black polka dots - It's kinda obvious why this will make a nice and fitting favor for your guests, so will not explain further.

Salad stuff - ladybugs love greens and if your guests will appreciate it, a package or two of anything that can make their salad experience better, is a favor worth considering.

Ladybug-themed items - from chocolate to bracelets, there are tons of ladybug-themed items around the net. What can we say, this lady is one popular bug!


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