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Lady Bug Party Ideas and Decorations


The lady bug party ideas we have here is more of the decoration kind. If you want general lady bug ideas, find out more on our ladybug baby shower theme page.

We adore Lady Bugs! There's something about the plumpness of their shape and the vivid shade of red in their wings, contrasted to the black dots that adorn them, that is so lovely that words fail elaboration. And we are not alone on our love for said bugs given its popularity as a celebration theme.

And because of that, we've gone ahead and prepared a complete suite of baby shower party decorations for your party needs. There's banners, wall hangers, party buntings to hang near your ceiling, and small devices that you can use as badges to adorn your favor boxes and as elements you can use if you want to design you own invitations, banners, etc. What can we say, we enjoyed ourselves so much coming up with these freebies, hence the number of printables we have prepared all designed with ladybug in mind.


This document contains a baby shower party banner that you can print on your choice of paper. The result is pictured to the left: the letters put side by side spell the message "Its A Girl" which is perfect for that lady bug baby shower party you are planning for your baby girl.

Here are detailed directions on how to use the document which comes in popular PDF format:

1. Click on the link for your baby shower banner decoration. Be sure to save the document onto you harddrive, and be sure to remember the destination folder so you can readily access it when you are set to print.

2. Open the PDF file. If you can't recall the folder, just press <CTRL-J> in web browser to bring up the download history.

3. The document can be printed on any size paper but we recommend the standard letter-size. Once printed, you can cut away the excess and you will then have the pieces of the banner ready for hanging, pasting, decorating!

4. We suggest you run a line along your wall or hang from the ceiling. The letters are meant to hang from the line. You can punch 2 holes sides by side on the top edge of the letters. This way, you can easily hang the letters.

5. Another way is to use a clip such as a clothespin to hang the letters. Be sure your clip is not too heavy else the banner won't hang properly.

6. You can also attach the letters on a paper / cloth / card backing which you can then hang on your wall as a baby banner! If you plan to do this, you can easily create a collage of your own using photos, cliparts, and other graphics elements.


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Ready To Use Lady Bug Party Ideas


Ladybug Theme Shower Supplies






These small printables make great lady bug party ideas and decorations! You can use these in so many ways, but basically we intend you to use them as basic design elements that you can incorporate into your invitations, banners, thank you cards, etc.

We even recommend a special use for them that we think you will like:

Will you have pastries in your party? Cupcakes & brownies look lovely when adorned with little planted flags featuring these small circles and squares.

Just print these small freebies and cut them out. Paste onto the tip of a toothpick. Then plant the toothpick into your pastries. They will help create the festive atmosphere that you want for your party.

Do you plan to use favor boxes in your party? You can make your own using box templates that you can find in the internet, or you can buy generic ones that you can then adorn using these small badges.

Another great way to put these to use is as accents on your candles, or japanese style lanterns, should you choose to have these items adorn your party venue.

Remember that this design is our small printable collection of lady bug party ideas and decorations. These are intended for standard-scale or normal-sized printing. We have another batch of printables intended for large-scale printing (such as banners, etc) which you will find below.


The design we've prepared looks equally adorable when printed big and here you can find the bigger version of our square and circle printables. Perhaps you want to use these images as the backing of a timepiece or wallclock? You'll want to make bigger printouts and for this you'll want higher resolution images. For this purpose, we've prepared this set of printables, our lady bug party ideas and decorations, big printable collection.






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