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Be sure to check out our instructions for our Hawaiian baby shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Your choice of a Hawaiian Baby Shower is great fun! To help you spread the word, we've prepared these Hawaiian baby shower invitations in baby greens and browns for your baby shower party.

The design of the waving toddler girl wearing a lei and grass skirt fits perfectly with your Hawaiian baby shower theme. You can also use these printable resources for your beach-themed party, or island-themed party, for they fit equally well.

These printable Hawaiian Baby Shower resources are designed with a baby girl in mind. If you're looking for Hawaiian baby shower invitations for a baby boy, or you just want to browse through our other invitation designs for this theme, then go to our Hawaiian baby shower invitations main page.

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Because you want a complete set of printables, we're giving you not just Hawaiian baby shower invitations, but also thank you cards, and even a blank card for you to use for your special instructions, notes, or other reminders for your guests.

Here's a tip: Do you want your guests to bring small stuffed animals dressed in beach attire? Or, you can ask them to bring stuffed animals and dress them up at the party (you provide the island attire, of course!). It's all great fun! So be sure to write your special instructions on the blank cards provided for your party needs!

Oh yeah, the best part of all is that these are all free so you can print as many copies as you want!

Suggestions on how to use our Hawaiian baby shower invitations:

Right-click on the image you want and choose to Save to your hard drive. Remember where you save it because you'll need to find it later on in order to print it. Tip: if your browser saves automatically, you can use <CTRL-J> to view your download history. Or look for the view "Download" function under "Tools" (Firefox) or as a direct listing in your browser's menu.

The easiest way to print the image is to embed it into a blank document. By default, your Windows has a version of Wordpad bundled with it. Look for this program by clicking on the Start button then Accessories.

The easiest way to embed is to drag and drop the image into your blank document. A more circuitous way is to use the "Insert Object" function. Do this by looking for the insert object command, then specify "create from file" and choose the image file that you have just saved into your harddrive.

To add text into your document, you can do this in Word: create a text box and type in your text. Look for the textbox function in "Drawing". If you can't find it, go ahead and Press F1 to bring up the Help menu specific to your version of Word.


In Word, you can make as many text boxes as you wish. Moreover, you can change the properties of the textbox such as background color, alignment, margins. These are ways you can personalize your invitation, aside from changing font size, font type, and font color.

You can print 2 invitations onto 1 letter size cardboard paper. To do this, you simply copy and paste the image. You will end up with 2 images on the same page, all that's left is for you to position the images on the page to your satisfaction and output the page to printer

You can also send this Hawaiian baby shower invitation to your friends via email instead of printing to paper. To do so, you can use a photo editing software like photoshop, or the standard "Paint" software bundled with your version of Windows. Look for Paint under Accessories and drag-and-drop the image that you saved onto your harddrive. You can also use the Open File function and open the image file by finding the folder where image was saved.

Use the Paint software to place text on the image, and voila! All that's left is for you to save the modified image and send it directly to your friends' email boxes.

For more baby shower invitation ideas, or baby shower theme ideas, do continue browsing our site for you are sure to find more goodies and downloadables to make your party a personalized success!



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