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Green and Brown Baby Shower Decorations


If your friends prefer to be surprised on whether they are having a boy or a girl, don’t worry. Although majority of parents to be are still too excited to wait it out, there are significant couples who prefer to be surprised, hence the existence of unknown gender baby showers, also called as neutral baby showers. This page contains our green and brown baby shower decorations, which we highly recommend to anyone looking for unknown gender decoration printables.  But aside from this page, we also recommend you check out our different unknown gender decoration tips, which can be found here. And once you have an overall plan on how to tackle your decorations, then these printable baby shower decoration can be one of your considerations.

Our green and brown baby shower decorations include a baby banner which was designed to make it a perfect addition to any unknown gender showers, as well as other printables which can be part of you ceiling and wall decorations, and can also work as your cupcake topper or even as your favor box accent. All these were designed to fit right in with your neutral baby shower preparations.
And as always, keep your eyes open for off the shelf products that you or the mama to be loves, since you can approach our freebies as your sole baby shower decoration, but it will also work as an addition to the other off the shelf stuff that you were able to get.

And last but not the least, make sure you have your PDF reader handy, since our printables come in PDF format.  Green and brown baby shower decorations are just a few clicks away!


This baby banner, with its scallop design and green and brown hues, will work great for friends of mom to be’s who prefer to keep her little one’s gender secret until the last minute. You can get it by doing a right click on this and saving the file on your preferred file location. The next step is to print it on the right material that you want your banner to appear on, and then it’s time to bring out your scissors and such, since you need to do some cutting to get the actual banner pieces.

If this does not match the banner you have in mind, we do have other baby shower designs, and you can get them here.

How to use our green and brown baby shower decorations:

You can choose to just stick each banner piece on your wall, if that is the right approach for your event. Another option is to pin everything so it will look like a clothesline, so you need something that will pass as a clothesline and of course clothespins.

If you don’t want to bother with clothespins but you still prefer to hang your baby banner, that should not be a problem as well. Just cut two opposite holes on each banner piece,  and just string everything together. That should do the trick.


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Ready To Use Green and Brown Baby Shower Decorations


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Our small printable collection is perfect for anyone looking for something that can decorate their cupcakes, their favor boxes,  and the like. Since these are quite small and cannot decorate your ceiling by itself, we think stringing these, together with the bigger printables we provided below, should do the trick.

Want to get them? This is where you can get our green and brown baby shower decorations, small printable collection


Similar to the other printables found on this page, this big printable collection is also in PDF format. That should make it quite easy for you to get and print later on, since by just printing a page, you will find yourself with tons of big printables that you can use to decorate your walls, your ceiling, and other areas wherein a bigger-sized printable can be better appreciated.

Similar to the other printables found on this page, these were designed to fit right in with your other unknown gender shower preparations, since we made sure they use the right green and brown hues.

So if you think you can make use of these, this is where you can find our green and brown baby shower decorations, big printable collection






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