FREE Printable Baby Shower Invites, Thank You Cards and Blank Templates for Girl Luau Showers


Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?



Be sure to check out the instructions of our free printable baby shower invites for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The baby shower invites we have here are designed for girl showers, girl Luau or Hawaiian themed baby showers to be exact. But why settle on this particular design, we say check our other Luau themed shower invitations to see all your options. Is she having a boy? Our boy invites are also on said page.

If this is not what you have in mind when you searched for free printable baby shower invites, no worries, since we have lots of theme-based invitations,  and you never know, we might just have the right baby shower invitation for your chosen theme. Now if you are not a great fan of theme-based shower, we also have general baby shower invites that you can check out. These, as their name implies, are not designed with specific elements one associate with a particular theme, which just means it will work great for baby showers in general. But it doesn't mean it won't be a great option for you if you are planning a theme-based shower and have yet to find the perfect invite. We say check it out for yourself and just in case you find one that strikes your fancy, our ready to use invites come with a Theme field which you can fill up for this purpose.



FREE Printable Baby Shower Invites



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How to get and use our free printable baby shower invites:

Our free printable baby shower invites, those found on this page and on our other pages, are all saved as images. You can get them by going to the image you love, right click on it, and choose Save Image As. From there, just follow the saving instructions which should lead to you getting these images saved on your computer.

Our free printable baby shower invites include a ready to use invitation template, a thank you note, and a blank template. Now the next question is whether to use our ready to use invite or not. Before you say "Oh Yeah", we say read on and see the difference of our different templates since you never know, the ready to use template might not just be what you want for your invitation.

The ready to use invite template is the perfect free printable baby shower invites for you if you just plan to input your party details and that's it, you are ready to send your baby shower invitation to guests and friends. So to use our ready to use template, you can choose to edit it in your favorite image editor, or do it the way we do it, which is to use Microsoft Word to "edit" and add your shower details. You can do this by inserting the ready to use template  in a blank document, inserting multiple text box on top of that (basically one per field) and typing in your details.

Now if you think the above process is too complex or maybe you just want to do your own inviting using your own words, then we say go for the blank template. Still in Microsoft Word, just insert it then follow it up with a text box, and this time around, a single text box will do since you don't need to worry about fields and such. So just type all your wordings and prose inside said  text box and you're on your way to enticing your guests to RSVP.

Creative Luau Baby Shower Invitation Ideas:

We know you are looking for free printable baby shower invites, but just in case you change your mind, we think a beyond paper invite is really cool. We particularly love small feeding bottles, baby socks and rubber duckies as invitations, which you can easily decorate to fit your chosen theme. If we're talking about luau themed invites beyond paper, a string of flowers hanging around your bottle and duck is quite easy to orchestrate. Just make sure your party details are hanging from your "lei" so your guests can find your shower details after you wow them with your creative invite.

We love baby socks because they can come with tons of different designs, so just get something with lots of colors and flowers. Or you can also get solid-colored ones and just decorate it with the right luau elements using one of those colored glues. And to finish it off, don't forget to insert a rolled up paper containing your shower details inside said socks.

As usual, we would like to stress that these are ideas, which you can choose to follow to the letter, although we highly encourage you to add the right touch and personalize.

Whether you use the provided free printable baby shower invites, or go beyond paper invitations, we think this is a great start to your AMAZING baby shower!



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