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Be sure to check out the instructions of our free baby shower templates for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Looking for free baby shower templates? The different cards on this page are designed for baby girls, which is why this invitation features our cute little girl and of course the hues and colors related to girls. As can also be seen, there’s no theme element whatsoever seen on this invite, because it is designed for baby showers in general. That doesn’t mean this won’t be a great candidate if you are planning a theme-based shower, since our template comes with a Theme field that you can fill out for this purpose.  But of course we encourage you to check out our theme-based invitations, since we have lots of baby shower themes, and there’s a high chance we will have the right invite for you, especially if the theme you’ve chosen is popular in the baby shower arena.

Please take note that this is just one of our many baby shower invitations for girls. To find our other designs, check our free baby shower templates main page. And just in case mom to be is having a boy, this is where you can find tons of baby shower invitations for boys.



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Get and use our free baby shower templates:

Our free baby shower templates include a ready to use invite, a thank you note card, and a template that we left blank because they will be more flexible this way. More info on that later.

All these templates are saved as images, and you can get them the same way you get other images from the net, which is to highlight the template you are interested in, doing a right click on it and choosing Save File/Image As, and following the saving instructions which include supplying the location where you want the templates to be saved.

Once you have it saved, then it’s time to discuss how to use these templates. But before we even go there, you will assess which of the template matches how you envision your baby shower invitations. If you think you are better suited to an invitation approach of just filling up certain fields to add your party information, we say go for the ready to use invite since that was the idea behind said template. Now if what you have in mind involves coming up with your own wordings and doing your own “talking” your guests into attending your event, we say go for the blank card because with said free baby shower templates, you will be able to come up with your own invitation wordings without worrying too much on the background and the design. Of course if you have a mind to do some embellishment or two, we think you can start with this template as your baseline and add on this, since there’s something to be said about not starting everything from scratch. And you can also check out these free baby shower cliparts, which contains baby-related images that we have compiled, which you can also use for embellishment purposes.

Whether you use the ready to use invite or the blank template, you can use your favorite image editor to add your details, or use Microsoft Word, which is basically what the succeeding instructions are all about.

Insert the corresponding template in a blank Word document, insert a textbox or more on top of it, and you can basically type in your details inside said text box. If you are using the ready to use invite, we suggest you use the one text box per field approach, since this will really help you make sure whatever text you add will be aligned to the text that comes with the invite by default. Using the blank card means a single text box on top of the image is good enough, unless you have your own reason for wanting more than one.

And last but not the least, the thank you card is the most straightforward of these templates , since without changing a thing about it, it will serve its main purpose of expressing gratitude to your guests for the wonderful time and gifts. Now if you plan to customize a bit by adding mom to be’s name or something similar, you can easily do this by following one of the above instructions on how to add text on said templates using Microsoft Word, or with the help of your favorite image editor.




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