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Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?



Be sure to check out our instructions for our free baby shower printables for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

These baby shower printables are designed for spa themed showers for girls. Is she having a boy? Check out the boy counterpart of this invite here. Looking for another kind of invitation altogether? Then you might want to look at our baby shower invitations main page.

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The baby shower invitation templates on this page is designed for baby girls and spa baby showers, so if your idea for her baby shower celebration includes a pamper party for her feet and tummy, and she happens to be having a baby girl, then the invite found on this page will be a perfect complement to all the other preparations you have prepared for your spa or pamper shower party for the mother to be.

If you love the idea of a pamper party for mother to be but she happens to be having a baby boy, no worries, since of course we have similarly-designed invitations, but made for boys this time. You can check out our free baby shower printables main page for more details, and while you’re there, you might also want to check out our other spa themed baby shower invitations, and each of that will also have an invitation made for boys and girls.

And as always, we say check out our general baby shower invitations, which are not designed for specific themes, making them an alternative of baby shower throwers like you, whether you are throwing a theme-based shower or not, the former because we added a Theme field on said invites, which you can fill out if you happen to love said general invites, and would love to use them on your theme-based shower.

How to use our free baby shower printables:

Our free baby shower printables are saved as images, and can be downloaded by going to the image of interest, doing a right click on each, and saving it locally on your computer.

And our free baby shower printables include a ready to use baby shower invitation, a thank you card that you can use to express the mother to be’s gratitude for the wonderful f gifts that she would surely receive from her guests, and a blank card, which also comes with a similarly designed spa elements. These blank cards are perfect if you have other printable needs on top of baby shower invitations. Need a name tag for your shower? How about some printable favor tags? You can basically use said card on either printable need although you may need to adjust the size a bit, which you can easily do with the help of your favorite image editor, or if you go with our recommendation, using Microsoft Word. Just insert it on a blank document, highlight the image, and if you are using Word 2007, just go to the Format tab and on the upper right-hand side, you will see Height and Width fields,  and from there just do the adjustment until you reach the size you want.

And it’s also pretty easy to add a text on top of your image in Microsoft Word. Just insert a text box on top of your image, and you can input the name of your guest for your name tag, or the To and From fields if you are eyeing our blank card to serve as your favor or even  gift tag.

That should already give you an idea on the role of said blank card. We’re pretty sure you have other printable needs that we haven’t thought of, that’s why we made the said card quite easy to customize, so you can adapt it to meet your printable needs.



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