FREE Baby Shower Invitations For Girls (Book Themed Baby Showers)


Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?



Be sure to check out the instructions of our free baby shower invitations for girls for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

This baby shower invitation is designed for book themed showers. If this is not the theme you have in mind, go to our baby shower invitations page to see our general and theme-based baby shower invitations. For more book themed baby shower invites, click here.


FREE Baby Shower Invitations For Girls




AMAZING Baby Shower Thank You Cards






AMAZING Baby Shower Cards




Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Invitation



Is she having a baby girl? The invitation found on this page was designed for book themed baby showers, which we think can be used by anyone preparing their friend a baby shower with an educational twist. This one make uses of our newer babies, and we think they really look adorable, and hopefully you agree with us.

We also have book themed baby shower invitations that feature our newer babies on a different pose, a different design altogether with our classic baby boy and girl in the picture, and you can find all of them at our free baby shower invitations for girls and boys main page

If this is quite far from the theme you have in mind for her shower, no worries, since we have tons of different theme-based invitations, and you can find the lot here. And even if you are planning a theme-based shower, we recommend that you check out our general baby shower invitations. These as the name implies, were not designed to work on specific themes only. Instead, they should work well with any kind of baby shower, and since it comes with a theme field, you can easily add your baby shower theme and inform your guests about it, even if you decided to use our general baby shower invites.


Using our free baby shower invitations for girls:

Our free baby shower invitations for girls include invitation templates, which comes with certain fields which we think is relevant for any baby shower. A similarly designed thank you card, since of course we expect that you would like to thank your guests and friends later on for their wonderful gifts and the great time, and last but not the least, a blank card designed with the same look and feel.

We won’t dwell too much on the first two, since their uses is quite obvious. The blank card, on the other hand, was provided to give you more flexibility on your invitation creation, plus if you have some other printable needs, you can use this and just customize it to meet said printable requirement.

For example, if you find that some fields on the provided invitation are not relevant to your shower, you decided that you want to personalize the wordings since you want it to be about your friend, rather than mothers to be in general, then we say go with the blank card. Need some name tags and you have yet to find the right printable you want? Just adjust it until you reach your desired size, which you can easily do using your image editor and even Microsoft Word. And if you opted for the latter, you might event want to insert the name of your guests there and then, and you can do this by inserting a text box on top of the image and typing your friend or guest' name.

That should give you some idea on how to make use of our free baby shower invitations for girls as is, or if you have time and inclination, how you can use this as base and just personalize things from there.



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