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FREE Baby Shower Game Printouts (Boys, Card 3)


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FREE Baby Shower Game (Girls, Card 3)



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One thing for sure, here at Amazing Baby Shower Ideas, we believe in helping our readers with what they need to throw that AMAZING baby shower, and having the right baby shower game is of course an important ingredient.

And that is where the free printable baby shower game on this page, which is a bingo game, comes in. But instead of the traditional bingo which comes with tons of numbers and such, and typical baby shower bingo which deals with different stuff related to baby showers, babies and mommies, this one comes with a nursery rhyme twist, and is composed of words related to popular nursery rhymes and songs, which include words from Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Incy Wincy Spider,  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and I Had a Little Nut Tree. If you're wondering if this will change how the game is played, well, there should be no big change, not really. You will still need a host to call out the words, which as mentioned is related to said rhymes and songs, and your readers will need to find if they have a word match on their card. The player who reaches the defined goal is of course your winner.

But unlike our other bingo cards, what's different with this Nursery Rhyme Bingo is that the words are tied up to specific columns, the same way that the traditional bingo comes with B I N G O columns, wherein numbers 1-15 will only appear under B column, and so on. On this version, each column is linked to a specific nursery rhyme, and although some of these rhymes have similar words, we made sure that a word will only be associated to one nursery rhyme only, so even if the word little appeared on both Mary Had A Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, it is only associated to the latter, and not the former, so there won’t be a case wherein it will appear more than once on each card.

And given this design, you can even ask your guests to guest the title of the rhyme, although since this Nursery Rhyme bingo's songs are quite popular, this might not be too much a challenge, so we will leave to you whether to still go for it or not.

And if you like the idea of a nursery rhyme game but not the bingo part, then we are glad to say that we  have another printable game which still involves rhymes and songs, but instead of waiting for a host to call out the words, said game is all about guessing the title of the rhyme based on the provided phrases. If you are interested on said game, this is where you can get it.

And we would like to encourage you to check out our baby shower games main page, for our list of different free baby shower game printouts . We have general baby shower games that one can play on any type of baby shower, and we also have some free baby shower game printouts with a special twist, that will work perfectly on certain theme-based showers. And if you changed your mind and you decided to go beyond free baby shower game printouts, we also have more active and physical games and they can still be found on our game main page, specifically under the Traditional Baby Shower Games section.

How to get our free baby shower game printouts:

Our baby shower game cards are all saved as images, and you can get them the same way you can get other images across the net, just do a right click on each, choose Save File/Image As, and when promoted, save it on the right location. And once you have it locally, you’re on your way to adding said game on your friend’s baby shower!





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