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Did you know that you could help us create more AMAZING baby shower cards? Nah, we won’t be asking you to design tons of cards and submit to us, definitely not, because we know you would just like to throw that amazing shower, and leave those details to us. What we meant was it is within your power to help us maintain our website, with not one but three WIN-WIN options (and we only need you to choose one!)

Wanna hear those options? Here goes:


1. We bet you have lots of transactions with AMAZON.COM (who hasn’t?).  Did you know that you will be helping us a lot by buying any AMAZON items using our special URL? Yes, by using our special URL and buying ANY items at AMAZON.COM, our website benefits from your transaction, with NO additional charge to you! You could easily verify this by checking a particular item’s price by directly typing AMAZON.COM at your web browser and going to AMAZON using our URL. We could assure you that there’s no additional price whatsoever.

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2. The 2nd option is by donation. Before you roll your eyes and say, that’s not a WIN-WIN option, hear us out. Firstly, you could donate any amount you like. Whether you feel like donating a dollar or ten bucks, you’ll get a big THANK YOU from us either way. And our THANK YOU is not just lip service. We’ll show you how grateful we are by creating lots and lots of AMAZING baby shower invitations and other cards, add more baby shower themes on our collection and so on. Now, we’re both happy, and that’s what a WIN-WIN situation is all about, right?

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