The Free Baby Shower Decorations found on this page are perfect for Unknown Gender Baby Showers. And did we forget to say they're FREE?


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FREE Baby Shower Decorations (Neutral)


If the parents to be have decided they would rather be surprised than know early whether they’re having a girl or a boy, and you are planning to throw them a baby shower, no worries, since it might make your preparation a wee bit more complex, but it should not be a big problem at all. For starters, you can play with colors, and you have an option to go for green (our favorite!) or yellow, if mom to be prefers this shade. A mix of brown and white with those colors is also cool, so is something you can consider.

That should give you an idea on how to approach your baby shower preparations in general. As for specifics, how about adding an arc that will welcome your guests as they arrive? This can be an arc made of balloons, which could come in either green or yellow. You can add some big baby blocks in the picture, which can spell A B C or better yet, B A B Y.

If you love the above idea, but your location won’t allow it, then we say go for a clothesline which contains baby socks, booties and other baby paraphernalia. To personalize things, how about adding words like <Mom’s Name>’s Baby Shower in the mix? That should make the clothesline idea more amazing.

Inside your shower room, there should be tons of green and white, from your curtain, carpet, throw pillows, and so on. You can also have another clothesline here, which can contain similar cloths as the previous clothesline idea, or it can contain the letters related to your baby banner.

As for your centerpiece, we think a jar full of colorful candies is something you can consider, and we also love the idea of an aquarium with green or yellow beads with a yellow duck “swimming” amongst all that. We also think a used wine bottle to contain mom to be’s favorite blossoms is also something you can consider, and to make it the perfect addition as your table decoration, just attach a teddy bear or other cute stuff toy on each bottle.

A baby carriage in the picture, especially one that comes in either brown, green or yellow, will be a nice addition when positioned strategically in your shower room. An umbrella with a similar shade is also worth considering.

Depending on how big your event is, you might want to place some guest table number/name to let your guests know where they should go. We think one that is written in a green, yellow or brown paper or card is the way to go.

And last but not the least, you definitely need some balloons for your event. Although there are some which comes on one of those special baby shape, we think your other decorations are already sufficient, so getting a combination of green/yellow, white or brown balloons are more than enough. 




Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


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FREE Baby Shower Decorations (Neutral)


If you are looking for free baby shower decorations and the parents prefer an unknown gender baby shower, then you are on the right page since we have tons of tips, and on this section, we have printable decorations that you can use for your friend's upcoming neutral baby shower.

Our printable and free baby shower decorations include a baby banner, ceiling decorations, even something that can help decorate your favor box if you decided to do it yourself. All these were designed to make them perfect additions to unknown gender showers.

But don't take our word for it, make sure you check out our free baby shower decorations.


We are partial to these flag-like banners, so if you love them as well, then make sure you get your hands on these since this is one of our free baby shower decorations designed for neutral baby showers.

But since all our printable decorations are free for your download, you can check out the others and just decide later on which you like best. This is where you can get our flag-like/triangle-shaped free baby shower decorations.


We love the combination of green and brown and we think they are perfect for unknown gender showers. Although you can also go with yellow and brown, yellow and white or just plain yellow, maybe it's because green is our favorite color that's why we have a preference for the green and brown combination.

If you also love the green and brown combination for your friend's unknown gender shower, this is where you can get our neutral baby shower decorations in green and brown hues.






More Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


Big Baby Shaped Balloon


Parenthood Yard Sign


The decorations found on this page are for neutral or unknown gender showers. If this is not what you are looking for, this is where you can get our girl baby shower decorations and decorations for boy baby showers.


How to use our free baby shower decorations:

Make sure you have your PDF reader handy since our printable decoration freebies all comes in PDF format. Just follow the link related to the banner design that strike your fancy and get said promised freebies, which include a baby shower banner, some small and big circle printables, which also comes with their square counterpart.

The baby shower banner's usage is pretty obvious, although you still need to decide how to hang said banner on your shower room, since you have lots options, and directly attaching said banners on your walls, stringing them along, or pinning them using clothespins on a string to look like your clothesline are just a few examples on how you can arrange them on your shower.

The circle and square printables, on the other hand, specifically the small ones, are perfect as a cupcake toppers, a favor box accent and other similar usage. So to make a cupcake topper, just print the small printables on a cardboard-like paper, attach it on a toothpick and they're ready to decorate your cupcakes. You can also print these on sticker-like paper, and you can either use it to decorate the body of your favor box, if you think they need said decoration. Or you can also use it to "close" your favor box, which we think is a pretty cool idea.

The bigger printables, on the other hand, are perfect if you are looking for free baby shower decorations that will be placed higher than eye level. So if you have yet to decide on your wall and ceiling decorations, you might want to check out our big circle and square printables.

Anyway, don't be limited to these since one thing we did is to make sure our printables are extra flexible to make them useful to you for your different decoration needs.



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