Feel like making your own printables? You could definitely do so, with these free baby shower clip art!!!


Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?


Looking for free baby shower clip art? We tried to find really cute baby shower clip art and compiled them together, and you can basically download all of them with just a few clicks of your mouse. This is quite perfect for people who wants to challenge their creative juices and come up with a baby shower invitation from scratch.

If you love the idea of creating your own invitation, but you need some templates to aid you, or maybe you would prefer ready to use invitation templates even, we suggest you check out our baby shower invitations page, since we have tons of invitations and templates available for free.

When you go to our baby shower invitation page, you will find two sections, one is our general baby shower invitations, general because they are not created with a specific theme in mind, and is expected to work with baby showers in general. Another is our theme-based invitation, which our site is pretty known for, since we are great advocates of theme-based showers, and you will know this if you are one of our constant visitors.

And each of our invitation templates comes with a ready to use baby shower invitation, a thank you card that will aid you and the mom to be to express  gratitude to your guests and friends, and a blank card, which we created to have the same look and feel as the other templates, but we purposely left blank to make it a great template for baby shower throwers who loves the idea of personalizing their invitation wordings, readers who have different printable needs like name tags, favor tags, just to name a few. These are some  of the things that you can look forward to, just in case you belong to this group of people who would love to find some templates as a starting point.

And speaking of starting point, the same way that you can use the blank card to personalize your wordings, you can also use said template together with the free baby shower clip art found on this page so you can personalize your invitation further. Since we know for a fact that our site will attract different types of readers, from those who would just like to plug in their details and forget them, to people who have the time and inclination to really come up with a baby shower invite that is unique to the shower they're planning. Whether you belong to the first group or a different group altogether, we think you can find the right free baby shower clip art, if not on this page, then on our other pages.




How to get these free baby shower clip art:

We have split these free baby shower clip art into three PDF files to make sure they will remain lightweight when you download them. We think getting these PDF files and saving them on your computer is the better approach, and you can do this by doing a right click on one of the links below and choosing Save File As when prompted. Of course you can always just click on the link, meaning the PDF file will be opened in your web browser. Either way is fine, because you can get these compiled free baby shower clip art whether you go one way or the other.

Once you have a local copy, open the PDF reader using Adobe reader. To use these cliparts, just click the camera-like button in Adobe Reader's menu bar, and highlight the free baby shower clip art of your choice. Your chosen image will be copied when you do this (will be in your clipboard), and you could just paste it in your favorite image editor or in Microsoft Word, depending on where you plan to create your printables.

No Acrobat Reader? You could download it from this site.


Download Free Baby Shower Clip art 1

Download Free Baby Shower Clipart 2

Download Free Baby Shower Clip art 3




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