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Be sure to check out the instructions of our farm themed baby shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Farm themed baby shower parties are great fun! Imagine cute baby farm animals decorating your party event! Imagine cuddly plush farm animals dressed in farm attire play a role in your party!

On this page, you will find invitation templates that use our cute image of the toddler girl waving while feeding birds / chicks, making it a great farm themed invitation candidate if mom to be is having a girl. If we got everything right except for the gender part, then this is where you can find our farm invitations for boys.

We've prepared a lovely set of farm themed baby shower party printables for you to download and enjoy. In this page you'll find invitations, a thank you card, and a blank "note" card that you can use to send special instructions to your friends. Or, as a blank sheet to print a map to your party venue.

Farm Themed Baby Shower Invitations For Girls



AMAZING Baby Shower Thank You Cards





AMAZING Baby Shower Cards



Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Invitation



More tips for using our farm themed baby shower invitations:

Be sure to download your copy of the invitation images. To do this, you right-click on the image you like and choose to "save-as". Remember the folder where you place the images as you will need to find them later in order to print.

Tip: If you forgot the folder, you can still find the images by calling up the recent download history window from your web browser by pressing <CTRL-J>.

To personalize the invitations, we recommend you use a word processing software such as Word or Wordpad. Create a new blank document and choose to "insert" > "picture" > "from file" then find the image you downloaded previously. This will place the image in your blank document.

At this point, "insert" a "textbox" in which you can type the details of your party, such as, name, date, place, time, theme, etc. You can use multiple textboxes, 1 for each field, for convenience.

Be sure to check out the customization options available for textboxes. These are the "properties" of the textbox, which include outline color, background color, margins, etc. Also, remember that you can choose to change font size, font name, font style, and font colors to make your invitations 100% unique to your needs.

Before you print the invitations, take care to choose the proper kind of paper in your printer settings. You can print on cardboard stock or photo paper (glossy / matte) and get great results as long as you choose the proper settings to fit your choice of paper. Also, we recommend that you make a mock printout to see if your choice of font, font colors, and font sizes translate well from screen to paper.

How to make electronic invitations using our farm themed baby shower invitation:

Start by launching your favorite photo editing software. We recommend Photoshop although any photo editor, even Paint which comes bundled with Windows, will serve.

Open the image file that you downloaded previously. Use the "Text" tool to place text on the image. Experiment with font size, font name, font colors, etc.

Once you have finalized your design, you should save your work "as" a new file. Choose a popular graphics format such as JPG when saving. You can now send your baby shower e-invites to your friends by attaching to email.



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