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Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?


If her fondest childhood memories include green eggs and ham, then a Dr Seuss baby shower theme might just be the right theme for her. And the great thing about this theme is that it’s quite famous in the baby shower arena and outside it, such that you won’t really shock your guests when you serve them eggs with a greenish tinge.

If she doesn’t have a Seuss preference but would love to have an education-related shower, a Seuss baby shower theme is also worth considering.


Seuss Themed Baby Shower Invitation

We suggest you check out our printable baby shower invitations designed with Dr Seuss elements and of course babies. We have something for baby shower throwers who just want to plug in their party details, and those who would like to customize their invitation wordings.

If our theme-based invitations did not match whatever you have in mind, we say check out our general baby shower invitations, which should work well with any theme-based baby shower since it's all about babies, babies and more babies.

Sample Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme Invitations


Did you miss our "old" babies? If you answered yes to that and you plan to throw your friend an AMAZING baby shower, make sure you check out our Dr Seuss baby shower theme invitations featuring our traditional but still cute baby boy and girl!


Seuss Baby Shower Decorations

Looking for ideas that can aid you on your different Seuss baby shower decorations? Our theme-based decorations considered the different elements related to Dr. Seuss, and at the same time, tried to marry all that to babies and baby shower.

But why take our word for it, visit our decoration page for our different Seuss themed decoration tips and see what will work for your event.


Seuss Baby Shower Food Ideas

Our ideas for marrying Seuss elements and babies doesn't stop on invitations and decorations. It's everywhere, even on these baby shower food ideas. Satisfy your guests' palate with some great food all decorated and prepared to be perfect additions on any Seuss themed shower.


Baby Shower Game Ideas For Seuss Showers


Printable Games for Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme







Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!




More Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme Game Ideas


Pin That Hat (Individual Activity)

You will need a poster-sized cute picture of a baby, something cartoonish is better, but if the picture you love is a photo, that should also be fine.  You will also need a hat cutout that should be designed to look very similar to that famous hat.

The goal of each player is to pin the hat nearest to the target, which should be somewhere in the baby’s head. The players will be blindfolded when they attempt this feat, wherein the winner will be the one who was able to set the hat nearest to the target.

Horton’s Ears (Group Activity)

You will need to divide your guests into multiple groups. You also need to ask each group to assign a leader, who is basically just the first one who will hear the magic phrase and deliver it to the rest of the members.

The magic phrase here is a sentence of at least 15 words about the mom to be, babies, pregnancies or being a mommy in general, which will be whispered to the leaders of the groups. The leaders will then go back to their group and whisper it to the next person in line, who will then whisper it as best as s/he can to the next person in line, until all have heard the magic phrase.  The last person in line from each group will then write the phrase as s/he heard it, and deliver it to the host.

The group who was able to capture majority of the right words in the right order will be considered winners, and will be called Horton’s Heirs because of their great listening capability!

Hat Catch (By Pair)

You will need a hat, which should be designed to look like that popular red and white hat, and it should be real enough such that it can be used to catch the baby articles coming to the player’s way, which is what this game is all about.

Depending on how many hats you will want to prepare, you can divide your players by pairs, wherein one of the pair will need to the tossing, while the other will do the catching, using the said hat. If you plan to prepare just two hats, then we suggest making it a competition between two pairs, with the winner competing with other winners.

The best pair in catching and tossing will be your winning pair.

ABC Treasure hunt (Individual or Group Activity)

Similar to other treasure hunts, this game will require your guests to search for a particular item, and the person or group who have the most finds, wins the game.

Since this is an ABC treasure hunt, conducted in a baby shower, here’s the twist. This is a treasure hunt done one item at a time, wherein the host gets to decide which among the items will be searched for by the players. Before a hunt could begin, the host will call out a letter of the alphabet, and this should tell the participants that the item they are to look for starts with that letter, in a place that starts with that letter as well. Hence, if the host calls out the letter B, the item to be hunted could be a bottle kept in a basket. The trick here is to ensure that your location will not be mistaken as the item and vice versa. Having problem keeping up? You could make it simpler by just making the letter represent the item OR the location. Either way, we're pretty sure that you and your guests will consider this a treasure in your baby shower party!


NEW Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme Game


We have just added a new game which we think will work as a Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme activity!

It is a bingo game but unlike the typical baby shower bingo that features words related to mommies, babies, and baby showers, this is all about popular nursery rhymes which includes (but not limited to) Hey Diddle Diddle and Mary Had a Little Lamb. We think this is a great addition to any baby shower with an education theme, which includes Dr Seuss baby shower theme.

Just follow our Dr Seuss baby shower theme game link if you are interested on what we've been spouting so far. If you still love the idea of a traditional baby shower bingo, no worries, since we still have them here.




Dr Seuss Baby Shower Theme Favor and Prizes

Red hanky with white stripes/swirls - It's kinda obvious why this will make a nice and fitting favor for your guests, so will not explain further.

Dr Seuss Books - these books are classic gifts, again, there's no doubt that your guests would love another addition to their collection.

ABC items - we think ABC themed and other educational themed favors will work great as party gifts for your guests, and since this is for a Seuss-themed shower, the more bizarre it is, the better!





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