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Be sure to check out the instructions of our Dr Seuss baby shower ideas for invites for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

As seen, what we have here is an invitation for Dr Seuss showers, for a girl Seuss baby shower at that. Find more Seuss baby shower invitations for both girls and boys here.

If what you want are more Seuss baby shower ideas, we have that as well, and it's available on this page.


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If she loves green eggs and ham, or she is just crazy about anything Dr. Seuss, she might be up for a Dr Seuss themed shower.  Our different Dr Seuss shower ideas are found here, while on this page, you can find our take on how a Dr Seuss baby shower invitations should look like.

This particular baby shower invitation is designed for girl Seuss baby showers, hence the presence of our cute and new girl with all those red swirls, our design for this particular Seuss baby shower invitation. If what you need is a Seuss themed baby shower invitations for boys, that should not be a problem, since for almost all our baby shower invitations, we always provide a boy and girl invite. This is where you can find all our Dr Seuss baby shower ideas and invitations.

All those invitations are designed with different Seuss elements.  Now if you are interested to check out our general baby shower invites (these are our invites that are designed for general baby showers, so no theme elements in the picture) since they will work on any types of baby showers, may it be theme-based showers or not. The former is because all our invitations, this general invites included, come with a Theme field that you can fill up for this purpose.

Similar to our other themes, we have a ready to use invitation, a thank you note and a blank card with our Dr Seuss baby shower ideas and invitations. Check out our how to instructions for our tips and instructions on how to use each one.

How to get and use our Dr Seuss baby shower ideas and invitations:

Our Dr Seuss baby shower ideas for invitations are in JPEG format. You can get them the same way you download other images, which is to do a right click on each image, choose Save File As or Save Image As, then when prompted, just input the location where you want the file to be saved.

As mentioned above, there are three templates involved with our Dr Seuss baby shower ideas, and we will start with the Thank You card, which is pretty straightforward – it was provided to aid you or mom to be to thank her guests for their presence and of course the wonderful gifts after the shower.

The ready to use invitation, on the other hand, is what we recommend if your idea for your invitation is to just plug in your details and that’s it. The blank card is pretty useful if you plan to customize your invitation wordings to entice your guests to RSVP. Said card, if resized properly, can also be your name tag template, your gift tag or favor tag template, or other similar uses.

If the ready to use invite will suit you better, then just insert it on a blank Microsoft document, insert a text box on top of it, then just input your party’s details. Based on experience, inserting one text box per field will lead to easier text-field navigation so we highly recommend this approach.

Now if you prefer to personalize your invites, then just insert the blank template, followed by a text box, and from there you can type in your prose and such.  Either way, we think these templates can help you come up with the right invite, so make sure you get them.



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