Do It Yourself Baby Shower Invitations For Luau Themed Showers For Boys


Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?



Be sure to check out the instructions of our do it yourself baby shower invitations for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

If you are not looking for a luau baby shower invitations, we say go check out our theme-based invitations page, since we have tons of invitations designed for lots of themes, so we’re pretty sure that even if this is not the invitation you have in mind, we have the right invitation that will fit your event on another page.

Now if you plan to throw the mom to be a luau themed baby shower and she is having a girl, or you just prefer something different for your luau themed invitations, check out our other do it yourself baby shower invitations main page.  

And of course, you can always check our do it yourself baby shower invitations designed for showers in general, meaning they come with no theme elements whatsoever. We have invitation templates whether you are having a boy or a girl, so not having the right template is the least of your problems. This is where you can get our general baby shower invitation templates.



Do It Yourself Baby Shower Invitations



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How to use our do it yourself baby shower invitations:

Our templates are saved as images, so to download them, just do a right click on the template you like, choose Save File As or Save Image As, then save it at C:\Images or your preferred image folder.

As you see, we have provided three types of templates. One is our ready to use invite, which you can use if your idea for your do it yourself baby shower invitations is to just input your details and they’re good to go. To edit it, you can use your favorite image editor, or another way is to make use of Microsoft Word, so just insert in a blank document,  then insert one text box per field to “fill” it up with your party details.

But if what you have in mind involves creating your own wordings from scratch, adding more designs on these provided templates, and so on, then we suggest you go for the blank card template instead. Similar to the previous instruction, you can use Microsoft Word, but instead of the ready to use template, use the blank card template as your  base image.  And instead of inserting multiple text boxes, a single text box will do, just resize it accordingly if you plan to type in lots of words

And of course, last but not the least, the thank you note card is what you want to use if you want to express gratitude to your guests and friends for the wonderful time and of course the gifts.

The above instructions are how-tos on the basic usage of said templates. But if you want to go beyond these, we suggest you also experiment a bit on the font to use, since based on experience, the right font can really bring the best out of these templates. And we say go beyond whatever you have installed on your computer. This is especially true if you are having a theme-based shower, since there might even be a font that comes with your theme’s elements, and of course they're the better font to go for. And fonts are quite easy to install and you can get them for free. You just need the right time and effort to do some trial and error, since the first font you download might not match what you have in mind, but since they’re free and plenty, you can still go for the next one, and the next one, until you find the font that will complement your invitation design.



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