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There are many ways to send your invitation. You can get some elegant paper, fold it to shape like a diaper and you have invitation idea number one right there. If you want to add some pizzazz to that, you can even add some safety pins in the picture.

We did promise you that you will have more than one invitation option, so here goes another one. Dress a baby bottle or a rubber ducky with some white cloth that will pass as a diaper. Roll up a paper with your invitation details inside the feeding bottle or hang it around the rubber ducky, if that is more to your taste.

And lastly, why settle for a pretend diaper when you can use the real thing, decorate it a bit, and voila, another invitation idea. Don't forget to paste cut-outs containing your party details on your diaper invitation!


Free Baby Shower Invitation

Our MUST-SEE and FREE Printables for this theme, from invitation, thank you, and announcement cards, are all available here. Want to make your own cards? These free baby shower cliparts are the very thing you need!


Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Baby Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our baby shower menu for this theme.


Baby Shower Game Ideas


Printable Games for Diaper Shower








Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!




More Diaper Baby Shower Game Ideas


Diaper Sniffing Contest (Individual Activity)

You will need around 10 diapers for this game.

Spill some scents on each diaper (eg. Cola, vanilla, etc). Your guests' goal is to sniff each diaper, and write what the scent is in a piece of paper. The person with the most number of correct guesses, wins the game!

What's Inside? (Individual Activity)

You will need a number of diapers for this one. You can either go for the real thing or disposable ones.

This is actually a memory game. You will need a lot of baby articles, covered with diapers. Each diaper is numbered for easier game implementation.

Your guests' goal is to list down the corresponding baby article per diaper. To make it more challenging, we suggest that you introduce your guests randomly to each diaper, and just give them a peek per baby item. Do this one person at a time, until all your guests had their turn to look inside each diaper. Give them time to list down their answers, check their papers, and the person with the most number of correct answers, wins the game!

Diaper Cake Contest (Group Activity)

Again, you will need a lot of diapers (or any type of baby cloths) for this one.

The goal of each group is to create a diaper cake. Diaper cake how-to instructions available here, but we'll leave it to you whether to give your guests a copy, or just let them use their own creativity and imagination. You should also define whether you just want a 2-tier or 3-tier diaper cake.

Your guests can use some dough to add more pizzazz to their diaper cake. Just set a time limit for this activity (say 30 min), and let the mother-to-be judge their work afterwards.

Find those safety pins (Individual Activity)

Place around 100 small safety pins in a jar full of uncooked rice. Blindfolded, your guests need to find as much safety pins within a short time span (say 30 seconds). The person with the most safety pins, wins the game!


Want more baby shower games? More games available on this



Baby Shower Favor and Prizes

Chocolate - there are many baby-shaped chocolates available on baby shops, and they're just a few clicks away.

Safety Pins - every household can definitely use more safety pins.

Diaper-shaped goodies - whether it's cookies or cupcakes, as long as they come in diaper shape, they're perfect!

Baby Powder - you don't need to be a baby to smell as fresh as one.






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