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Couple Decorating Ideas For Baby Shower (Girls)


The decorating ideas for baby shower on this particular page is one designed for couple themed showers, specifically couples who are having a girl. If we got the couple themed part correct but the gender part is not, we suggest you check out our couple decoration ideas for baby shower main page, since we did design couple themed decorations for boy showers and the lot are available on said page. Said page also have other decoration tips and girl printables for girl showers , so you might as well check it out.

Now if only the mom to be will be present on the day of the shower, no worries, we made sure we have such decorating ideas for baby shower as well. Just follow this link to get our boy baby shower decorations, while our girl printable decorations and tips are found here.

And just to give you a preview of what kind of printable decorations you can look forward to, we have some printable banner decorations that you can add to your existing preparations, and also some nice accents for your favor box, cupcake, and even your wall and ceiling decorations, if you have yet to finalize your decoration on said areas.



As can be seen on the left, this is where you can get our baby shower banner, and if you like the look and feel  of the preview of this decorating ideas for baby shower, then we say without further ado, just download our printable banner decorations by doing a right click on the provided link. Make sure you have your PDF reader handy, since all our printable banners and decoration accents are saved in  PDF files.

The next step is to print the downloaded PDF file which contains the printables that you can use to make your baby banner. There are many ways for you to hang your banner. One way is to get something that will pass as a clothesline,  attaching each of the banner piece on it using clothespins to make everything appear like a clothesline, which happens to be a great addition on any baby shower. You can also cut two opposite holes on each banner and just string everything together. This method is quite common so we won't be surprise if this is the approach you prefer. Of course you can always just tack everything on one of the walls where your shower will be held, which should be quite straightforward.

Those are just some of the ideas we thought of, but since you have more visibility on where and how the shower room looks like, we say just place your baby banner strategically on your shower room to make sure everyone can see it and that will be fine.



Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


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These small printables, which comes in different designs and shapes (circle and square) can decorate your cupcakes when printed on a cardboard-like paper, attached on a toothpick and placed on top of your cupcakes. If you are planning to make your favor boxes, or if you think your favor boxes are too plain-looking as it is, then these small printables will again come in handy, since when printed on  a sticker paper, they can make decorative accents to close the lid of your favor box, or to decorate the "body" of your favor box.

As usual, these are just some ideas, but if you think you will need these, this is where you can get our decorating ideas for baby shower, small printable collection.



These big printables, which also comes in different designs and shapes, will be perfect in decorating areas that are higher than eye level, which includes your walls and ceiling. We don't mean you cannot use the smaller printables on such cases. In fact, since we are great advocates of variety, we encourage you to mix and match, since a mix of circle and square, big and small printables can definitely personalize your decorations depending on how you do it, and we think personalization and customizations are great ingredients in throwing an AMAZING baby shower.

Get our decorating ideas for baby shower, big printable collection, by following the provided link.








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