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Couple Baby Shower Ideas (Decorations)


As the party organizer, one of your first big decisions has to do with the decor. Of course, your choice of theme and gender of the baby will impact on your choices. But in a broader sense, you can hire, buy, or craft your own decor. Certainly, you can always buy party decor packages that gives you a complete selection of wall, ceiling, and table decoration.

However, we want to give you the option of using easy-to-make home-made decors. As you read below, you'll see that your chief challenge will be deciding what kind of paper to use when you make your banner print-outs; and how to mix-and-match the decor on this page for variety.

But before we go on, just in case you didn't notice, these couple baby shower ideas and decorations are designed for boy showers. If mom-to-be is having a girl or you just want more couple themed decorations for boys, check out our couple baby shower decorations main page.


We've prepared a boy baby shower banner in the style of party buntings. It will require some assembly so you can use it in a number of ways according to your sense of style.

How to use our couple baby shower ideas and decors:

First you must download the baby shower banner decoration document which comes in PDF format. Be sure you have a PDF reader software installed, which would also let you print the document onto paper. The current standard for PDF reader software is the Adobe Reader which you can get for free from their website.

Open the document by double clicking. Inside are the pieces of the banner / party buntings. The next step is to print the contents, so make sure you have the right paper and printer settings so that what looks good in screen will still look nice in paper. All done? It's time to bring out your scissors so you can cut out the excess paper.

When Assembling: We suggest a number of methods for you to use:

You can punch 2 holes near the top of each piece. Slide a line thru the holes such as you would with a slide fastener. Then you can hang the line from your ceiling or along the side of a wall to decorate your party venue.

Another way is to glue each piece onto your choice of colored or crafting paper, which can then serve as a backdrop for each piece. You can also use shiny foil paper depending on your tastes. Then you can follow the instructions in the paragraph above when hanging.

If you're in the mood to be more creative, you can use clothespins with the banners to simulate a clothesline instead of just plain simple wall hangers. Use miniature clothespins and clip each banner-piece on the clothesline. Next, hang some baby apparel such as socks, bibs, mittens on the same line. That should improve the overall look and feel of your baby banner.



Ready To Use Couple Baby Shower Ideas & Decorations


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These small decor are designed to adorn small objects such as keepsakes -- keychains, button pins, etc. It's entirely up to you how you want to find ways to employ these designs to accentuate the festivities. We do have some stand-out recommendations:

  • For your cupcakes or brownies, you can attach these to toothpicks which you then plant onto your pastries much like a flag

  • You can print these out on waterproof photo paper that you can use as drink coasters

  • You can hang these from your walls or ceiling as party buntings. You can also hang these with the party banner we provided above.

  • To accentuate your favor boxes, if you decided to make your own! There are templates aplenty in the internet that you can use to craft your own favor boxes. The design can be basic and it's up to you to spice them up with creative use of colored paper and design badges such as our small decoration collection.

Remember that the design for this couple shower idea for decorations is meant for couples who are expecting a boy. Go ahead and save your copy by downloading the document from the link above.


While the small decor above are meant for use on table top decor or on small souvenirs and favor boxes, we've prepared this big decoration collection of our couple baby shower ideas for decorations and it's perfect for use on bigger objects such as the face of a clock, ornamental plates, personalized place mats, you name it! We've prepared this in higher resolution to preserve the quality so that you can even print them big enough to use in banners, or as bigger wall and ceiling hangers.

So go ahead and download your copy of this big decoration collection from our couple baby shower ideas for decorations.







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