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Christmas Baby Shower Invitations

Rubber duckies or baby bottles wearing Santa's hat are pretty obvious invitation choices for someone throwing a Christmas baby shower. Just tie your invitations around the rubber ducky's neck or place it inside the feeding bottle (you can choose to place candies inside as well if you prefer), and they're ready to be delivered!

Another invitation idea is to place three baby socks in a string to appear as if in a clothesline. Some candies inside, plus your invitation instructions, will make you a cute and very Christmas-like baby shower invitation.

If you prefer edible invitations, some candy canes with special baby designs is quite easy to prepare. Or you can bake some cookies shaped like one or two of the special Christmas elements, and those can make a yummy invitation ala gift for your guests.

That should take care of your Christmas baby shower invite.


Christmas Shower Invitations

If you feel like sticking on paper invitations, no worries, since we have something that matches this as well, and you can get the lot for free. This is where you can get our Christmas printable baby shower invitations.

Now if you feel like customizing, you might also want to check out our baby shower clip art page, since we have compiled baby-related cliparts and saved all of them in PDF files. And you need not be someone who wants to do your invitation from scratch for you to make use of these images. If you think our printable freebies need further embellishment, these cliparts can be something that will help you on that.


Sample Christmas Baby Shower Invitations

The baby shower invitation on this page comes with the right Christmas elements, which makes it perfect as a Christmas baby shower invite.

If your friend is having a baby boy, no worries, since we also have Christmas baby shower invite made with boys in mind.



Decorations For Christmas Showers

The great thing about Christmas is that it comes with lots of elements that you can play with to set the perfect ambiance and atmosphere that will reflect your chosen theme. If you check out our Christmas shower decoration ideas, you will find ideas that tried to marry said elements with babies, babies and more and more babies.


Christmas Baby Shower Food Tips

Why exclude your baby shower food from highlighting your chosen theme? We love the idea of your chosen theme being everywhere, even on the food that you will prepare to tempt your guests' palate. Check out some of our ideas here.


Baby Shower Game Ideas For Christmas


Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Games




There games above were not designed explicitly for Christmas baby shower, but is perfect for any baby shower!

Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!





Playing Santa (Group Activity)

You will need lots of baby socks hanging in a string. The "clothesline" should be low enough that each player can reach it without difficulty.

This game is a race to play Santa by distributing a bunch of candies. However, Santa cannot just disburse candies as she pleases. Instead, each sock includes a "wish list" that indicates how many candies should each baby sock contain.

The group with the most number of correctly filled socks wins the game. If there's a tie, the faster group of Santas should take home the gift.

Tree Race (Group Activity)

You need a lot of baby items for this activity. You can opt to get the real thing or just procure images that represent each. Since each of the item/picture will be hanged in a tree, each should have a loop for that purpose.

You also need a number of trees. No need to get those elaborate trees, since you just need some branches where each baby item should be hanged. The number of trees will depend on how many groups you will have.

To make this game more interesting, each branch should indicate what baby item should hang there. The group who was able to finish first with the least mistakes will win a tree and a prize.

Drinking Contest (Individual Activity)

This is another variation of the popular game trip to Jerusalem. However, instead of chairs and music, what will happen is that two baby bottles (full of eggnog) will get passed around..

Once the music stops, whoever have the baby bottles need to finish the contents fast. The person who finishes last is out of the game. Before game resumes, the bottles get refilled (or new bottles will be made available), the music starts, and the passing of the bottles starts all over again.

Wrap Me (Individual Activity)

You will need a set of baby items for this game. Be sure to get different baby items since they will also make a wonderful Christmas present for mom-to-be after the party.

The idea is for each player to gift wrap each of the baby item that they got via drawlots. The catch - your guests will do so with only one hand!

You can choose whether to get Christmas wrappers or just some old newspapers for your guests' use.

The player who was able to come up with the most decent-looking gift in the shortest amount of time, will win the game. Mom-to-be is the esteemed judge, of course.


You can also check out our baby shower games main page for our different games, whether you are looking for the printable kind or something that will require your guests to get out of their seats!


Christmas Baby Shower Favor and Prizes

Family pictures - since this is most likely a family event, be sure to take a lot of pictures during the party, and have your printer ready, since you want to send your guests home with their very own kodak moment.

Fruit cake - what is a Christmas celebration without some fruit cake? You can choose to make some or just buy them off the shelf, either way, it's a perfect Christmas favor.

Socks - whether you get wool or just plain ones, your guests could definitely use another pair to protect their feet from the cold weather.

Snowflake favors - they come in all shapes and sizes, from wine stopper to bookmarks. What can we say, they're pretty and useful too.






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