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Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?



Be sure to check out the instructions of our cheap invitations for baby shower for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The invite we have here is for boy baby showers. We also have other invitation designs that you can check out.

Looking for girl invites? Find the right invitations for mom to be's little princess here.


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You can find cheap invitations for baby shower here, because we think they're quite pretty and you can get them absolutely FREE. So if you agree with us that these are indeed pretty invitations and will complement your other baby shower preparations, then make sure you read through our how to instructions, for different tips on how to get and use said baby shower invites.

Now as you can see, these baby shower invitations are made for baby boys, blonde baby boys at that. If a dark haired baby boy is the better choice, then make sure you check out our cheap invitations for baby shower main page for our other boy themed invitations, some of which are designed with a dark haired baby boy in the picture. Now if your friend is having a girl, this is where you can get girl baby shower invitations.

Please take note that said invitations are not designed with a specific theme in mind. We think it can still be used even if you are planning a theme-based shower, primarily because all our ready to use invitations come with a Theme field that you can fill up for this very purpose. But if you prefer your baby shower invitations to reflect some elements related to your chosen theme, then this is where you can find our theme-based invitations

With our general and theme-based invites, that should already give you more than enough invitation options, and all of those you can get for free. Talk about cheap invitations for baby shower!

How to get and use our cheap invitations for baby shower:

These cheap invitations for baby shower are saved as images, so you can basically download them the same way you download other images across the net, which is to do a right click on the image, choose Save File As or Save Image As (this will depend on the browser you're using), and when prompted, providing the location where you want said images to be downloaded and saved.

All our baby shower invitation templates come with a ready to use invite, a thank you note that is ready to be used to express mom to be's gratitude for the presence of friends on her special day, and of course for all the gifts she received, and last but not the least, a card that we left purposely blank, which should still be similarly designed as the other templates. Said blank card is perfect if you want to personalize your invitation wordings, or if you have other printable needs, wherein name tags and favor tags are just a few examples.

To use said blank card for your invitation wording personalization, just insert it in a Microsoft document, insert a text box on top of image, and from there, you can type in any text you want. If you are eyeing said cards for say name tags or favor tags, you will still need to go through the insert text box process, but of course the text will be different. And aside from that, you will also need to resize the image a bit, which you can easily do in Microsoft Word by highlighting the image, choosing the Format Tab, and change the height and width via the fields found on the upper right hand corner. Please take note that these instructions are based on Word 2007, but we're pretty sure different versions of Word have the same capability, but with different tabs/menu and steps. If you are having a problem finding said capability, we say Google away, since that's the wonder of the Internet, there will definitely be an article or two related to what you are looking for.



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