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Be sure to check out the instructions of our cheap baby shower invitations for boy for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

The baby shower invitations you can find on this page is quite cheap, since it’s FREE! Yeah, that may sound like a line to you, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true, this is definitely free, and you can get these cheap baby shower invitations for boy by following the provided instructions below.

We think these are really cute, one of our cuter baby shower invitations. But if you are planning a theme-based baby shower, then we suggest you check our cheap baby shower invitations for boy and girl designed with your chosen theme in mind. You can do this by going to our theme-based invite page, checking if we have something that is related to your chosen theme, and following the provided links until you reach the right page. Now if we don’t have an entry for your particular theme idea, or you just want something that will work for boy baby showers in general, no worries, since we have lots of other cheap baby shower invitations for boy.



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Get our cheap baby shower invitations for boy:

All our printable invites comes with a similarly designed thank you note and a blank card, all designed with that cute baby boy in the picture and amidst all that blue. Since all said three templates are saved as images, you can get them the same way you get other images from the net, so we won’t dwell too much on that.

Now let’s discuss on which of the template will work for you. The thank you note card is really pretty straightforward, so the only decision point here is whether to customize it further and add mom to be’s name and other text. Of course we also want to stress here that although we provided these as “partners” of the other templates, feel free to check our other boy thank you note cards and mix and match. Patterns and uniformity is well and good, but if you think a bit of variety is the better way to go, you know your event better so we say go for what you think will be best for your baby shower.

To go for the ready to use invitation or the blank card. That’s the next decision point, which will all depend on whether you are the type who just want to fill up the fields, if you think our ready to use invite have the right amount of fields to begin with, and so on. If you answered yes to this, we say check our ready to use invite since that might just be the perfect template for you. Now if you are someone who loves the idea of coming up with your own invitation wording and doing your own way of enticing your guests to RSVP, then the blank card is what we recommend you use.

Whether you go for one template or the other, you can use your favorite image editor to add your pertinent details, or you can always use Microsoft Word to do so. If that Microsoft Word part intrigue you but you don’t have any idea how, no worries, since our succeeding instructions will be all about it.

In a blank Word document, insert the template you plan to use. On top of it, insert a text box. If you are using the ready to use invite, then we suggest you insert one text box per field to make it easier for you to align your party details to the text that comes with the invite by default. A single text box on top of the image will be enough if you are going for the blank card.

Just choose the approach that will best suit you and your event, and with the help of these cheap baby shower invitations for boy and other templates, we hope we were able to help on inviting your guests to your party!





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