Bumble Bee Baby Shower Theme Invitations For Boy Baby Showers


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This design of Bumble-Bee Baby Shower Theme Invitations for Boy Baby Shower is one of our favorites!

The boy toddler is dressed in a long-sleeved onesie jumpsuit and wears a bee antenna accessory on his head. A pair of bee wings completes his ensemble. We like that the bee costume is not overdone. We think the design is simple enough that it will appeal to more people, or more mom to bes to be specific, which is definitely more important. And last but not the least, the yellow and black border that we used in this baby shower invitation complement the bee theme, and we think it makes the overall look and feel of this invitation really cute!

If you don't find it so then go ahead and browse thru our other bumble bee baby shower theme invitations. If the reason for your not liking said design is because mom to be is having a girl, no need to worry, since we have something similarly designed for girls as well.


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Tips on how you can best use our bumble bee baby shower theme invitations:

As always, we've made a complete set of card designs for your baby shower needs: bumble bee baby shower theme invitation, thank you card, and a blank "note" card that you can use for instructions on what to wear or bring, or for your location map to the party venue, or as a simple RSVP form for your invited guests.

All of the said bumble bee baby shower theme templates are saved as images, so first you must download said images onto your harddrive. To do this, you simply right-click on the image you like and choose to "save-as". Now, remember the folder where you save the file because you will need to look for it later on as you create your printable document.

To create and print your document, the simplest method we recommend is by using MS Word or Wordpad. You create a new blank document and simply choose "insert" from the menu then "picture" then "from file". At this point, you'll have to navigate to the folder where you saved the image.

If you forgot the folder location, no worries, because you can use the "download history" function on your web browser to find the image. Simply press <Ctrl-J> to bring up the download history window and look thru your most recently downloaded items to find the image you want.

Once you have inserted the bumble bee baby shower theme template of your choice onto your blank document, you can now personalize it by adding text and formatting the text to suit your tastes. To do this, the best way we recommend is by using the "text box" function in Word. You choose "insert" from the menu, then "text box" and then just type away. Remember that you can customize the properties of the text box, such as its background color, outline color, the margins, orientation, alignment, etc. You can also resize and move it around.

Finally, do experiment a little bit with the font sizes, colors, and styles (bold, italics, etc). You'll be amazed at what a little bit of playing around with font styles can do to make your invitations really come alive!

A Reminder about Printing your invitations:

Be sure to choose the right kind of paper when you're printing your document. There are so many kinds of cardboard stock out there, and you might be surprised that some of them don't work well with the printer that you plan to use. It's a good idea to ask your local sales clerk on which kind of papers work well with your home printer.

Once you've selected the paper and when you're ready to print, make sure you review the printer settings on your computer. Depending on the kind of printer you are using, you can tell your printer what kind of paper is loaded, is it supposed to make color printouts or grayscale printouts, and you can even adjust the colors to make them brighter or darker.

Tips on how to create electronic invitations for emailing to your guests:

Once you have saved the image onto your harddrive, you next open it using a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Paint. Then you simply use the "text" function to input the details for your party, like Name, Date, Place, Time, Theme, etc.

As always, changing font types, font styles and colors will afford you a wealth of customization options, so be sure to experiment and explore.

Once you're satisfied with your design, all you have to do is save the image as a popular graphic file format like JPG. The next step is to send out the image -- your electronic invitation -- to your party guests via email.



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