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Bumble bee (and other bugs at that) are really quite popular in the baby shower arena, in fact with babies in general, as evidenced by tons of photos around the net of toddlers and babies wearing bee costumes. And they're really adorable, with those black and yellow colors, and this same cuteness factor is also something that lots of mom to bes want to be part of their baby shower celebration, which is why bees have their share of limelight in the baby shower arena.

And right here you can find one of our bumble bee baby shower invitations, and this one in particular is designed for girls. Now if that kinda stopped you because mom to be is having a boy,  no need to worry, since as with most of our baby shower invitations, except for those explicitly designed for say girls, we made sure that we always have a baby shower invitation for both genders, and the same is true for our bumble bee baby shower invitations. Go to our bumble bee baby invitations main page for more designs, for both boy and girl themed celebrations.



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Tips on how to get our bumble bee baby shower invitations:

Like all our other free baby shower invitations, these bumble bee baby shower invitations comes in three types, one is our ready to use invite, next comes our thank you note cards, and last is our blank card, left purposely so because it is more flexible that way.

The use of the thank you note card is pretty straightforward so we will start with that. It's almost ready to be printed and be sent to your guests and friends to express mom to be's gratitude for the fun time and of course great gifts she will surely get during the shower.

The ready to use invite is perfect for baby shower throwers who think their baby shower invitation is just a matter of filling up the fields to include their party details. If this matches what you have in mind, you can edit this template on your favorite image editor, or use Microsoft Word by inserting it in a blank document, follow it up with one text box per field on top of the image, and just fill each field with your relevant info.

The blank template, on the other hand, is perfect if your idea for your invitation is more of you coming up with your own words on how to entice your guests to RSVP. If so, you can still edit this using your image editor, or follow the above Microsoft Word steps, but instead of multiple text boxes, a single text box will do, since if you need more space for your prose and such, just resize the text box to give you more space for your invitation wordings.

Creative bumble bee baby shower invitations:

The greatest thing about baby socks is that they come in lots of designs and we're pretty sure you can find one which comes with yellow and black stripes. Just insert a rolled up piece of paper inside said sock (said paper should contain your party details), and just like that, that's your creative baby shower invitation. Half of a pair "invitation" per guests should be enough, so just get the right amount of similarly designed socks that will serve as your creative bumble bee baby shower invite.




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