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Brown and Pink Baby Shower Decorations


Welcoming a baby girl can offer up a lot of choices. Do you want cutesy animals? A fairy tale theme? Maybe the usual princess motif?

Well, here's a suggestion: Simple and subdued decor have the practical advantage of not appearing gaudy. Nor derivative. For this reason, we heartily recommend using colors as the defining theme of your baby shower party.

There's a lot that can be done with a choice such as "Whites and Pinks", or, "Browns and Pinks". We hope you see and appreciate for yourself what we mean as you look at our collection below.

Remember that these are all free to download, print, and use. It's all for free because we want you to have the option of preparing your own decor rather than buying. Understandably, you can get better-looking decor if you buy commercial products. Furthermore, you can get a more complete set of decor that way, so buying commercial is always an option worth considering.

And just in case you are open to more printable decoration options, check out our other pink and brown baby shower decorations.

Brown and pink baby shower decorations that are ready to print

We like the "Brown and pink" theme of these decor because they appear at once modern and non-typical -- we say non-typical because the usual girlie colors are pinks and violets, purples, and other shades of those same colors. And so we think our "Brown and pink" design offers an alternative worthy of your consideration.

Here's how we suggest you use these baby shower decorations:

The first step is to download your copy of our baby shower banner decoration which we have prepared in PDF format. Be sure you have a capable reader such as Adobe Reader software.

When you open the file, you will find the components of the banner which you print separately. Once done, you will assemble the pieces together to arrive at the completed banner.

Assembling these brown and pink baby shower decorations:

You can put together the banner in a number of ways.

One of the simplest is to punch 2 holes near the top edge of each piece. Use a paper puncher to do this, and then run a string thru the holes as you would with a slide fastener. Once you've positioned the pieces side-by-side, you're ready to hang the string from your ceiling or along the wall of your party venue.

A more inventive way we recommend is to use mini clothespins to hang each banner piece from a "clothesline" that you hang on your walls or ceiling. The finished product will look cute, especially if you decorate the "clothesline" with accessories that babies wear: like socks, mittens, bibs, etc.





Ready To Use Baby Shower Decorations


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Pink and brown decoration stuff as your cupcake topper, centerpiece decoration and a lot more

These small circles and squares collection of our brown and pink baby shower decorations are perfect for use as table top display. The size is ideal for decorating your pastries, your favor boxes, or any small souvenir where a circle/square-shaped design fits best.

For your pastries, you can use these pasted on top of a toothpick, which you then plant on your pastry as though a flag. You'll love the look of these on a plateful of brownies and cupcakes, each ornamented in this manner.

If you decided to do your own favor boxes, or maybe you just got favor boxes that are just too plain as it is, you might want to customize them with the help of our small circle and square collection. Just print your preferred design on a sticker paper, and you can basically stick it on the body of your favor box, or you can even use it as a cool way to close the lid of your party take away container.

Those are just some of our ideas on how you can use these, if you like the look of our brown and pink baby shower decorations, then you're welcome to use them for your different decoration needs.

Ready to print pink and brown decorations for girl baby showers

We've prepared these big circles and big squares with higher resolution at the cost of a bigger file size (takes a bit longer to download). It's totally worth it, though, if you plan to make bigger format printouts such as for banners, party buntings, wall hangers, etc.

So don't forget to download your copy of these big circles/squares decor set from our brown and pink baby shower decorations, big printable collection.

Once again, we'd like to give you a friendly reminder to mix and match these brown and pink baby shower decorations -- size, shape, and function -- to lend variety and break monotony. You'll love the results!







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