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Baby Shower Theme Noah s Ark Invitations

Send your invitation folded in the shape of a boat. Before doing that, make sure that you use a paper that has been soaked and dried up in the sun. This will definitely give the impression that the "boat" travelled by water. Still not stained enough to your taste? Spray some water in the writing, pat it dry, and there you have it, a smudge looking boat invitation!

Another option is to make some bookmarks that will also double up as your invitation card. Choose an animal (or animals) that were in Noah’s ark, which will basically be the theme of your bookmark. Just cut them out, punch a hole, put some string in it, and voila, you have a Noah’s Ark bookmark and invitation card in one.

In most of the themes , we always include cookies invitation as an option, and we don’t see why we shouldn’t do it for your baby shower theme Noah s Ark invitation as well. You could create little cookies shaped like animals. Place even number of cookies in a bag, with a note tied to its neck. The note will indicate the invitation details, from the dress code, to the place where your Noah's ark baby shower will take place.

That should already give you tons of baby shower theme Noah s Ark invitation ideas. But before you say done, don't forget to put a note to your guests that they are to wear t-shirts and shorts to the shower (or any other attire that they could see themselves wearing when they go sailing), which will definitely make your shower one step nearer to being an AMAZING Noah's ark baby shower!!!


Free Baby Shower Invitation

Our MUST-SEE and FREE Printables for this theme, from invitation, thank you, and announcement cards, are all available here. Want to make your own cards? These free baby shower cliparts are the very thing you need!

Sample Baby Shower Theme Noah s Ark Invitations


We have yet to design a Noahs Ark baby shower invite featuring our new babies, but in the mean time, make sure you check out our baby shower theme Noah s Ark invitations, which features our classic and cute lil ones


Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Baby Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our baby shower menu for this theme.


Baby Shower Game Ideas


Printable Games for Baby Shower Theme Noah's Ark






Some of the games above were not designed explicitly for baby shower theme Noah s Ark, but we think religious games and anything with animals are great candidates!

Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!





More Baby Shower Theme Noah s Ark Game Ideas


To make this more Noah's Ark shower as possible, all these games and activities should be played by pair or by group with even numbered members.

T-shirt Designer (Group Activity)

You will need a certain number of baby t-shirts for this, which will depend on how many groups you will have for this activity. You also need textile paints, brushes, colored glues, and other materials that you would like to appear in the finished product.

The goal is to design a baby t-shirt, that will incorporate the theme, within a certain time limit, say 1 hour (this you need to define). After the time limit, all shirts will be judged according to the group’s design in relation to the theme, and the creativity and overall appearance of the finished product. Mother-to-be gets to judge who will win this activity.


  1. The number of group (and how big each group will be), is dependent on the number of materials you have, and the number of baby t-shirts you have prepared.

  2. Please make sure that you have at least 2 extra baby t-shirts, just in case some accidents happen in the midst of the activity.

ABC Dough Fight! (Group Activitiy)

You need a lot of dough for this activity, any color will do.

The idea of this game is for your guests, who are divided into groups, to use the dough to form baby items and animals that start with a particular letter. For example, if the letter P is picked, your guest could create a pacifier for the baby item, and a pig, for the animal. The group could get up to 2 points per letter, 1 point for the baby item, and another point for the animal. Of course, if they were only able to create one item (eg. Only for the animal), then they only get a point.

The letter is drawn by the mother-to-be. The mother-to-be also gets to judge whether your guests’ dough form is valid. Validity is determined by how the dough was formed (does it really look like a pacifier?) and whether the items formed is indeed a baby item or an animal.

Group with the highest points, wins the game!

Diaper Cake Contest (Group Activity)

You will need a lot of diapers (or any type of baby cloths) for this one.

The goal of each group is to create a diaper cake. Diaper cake how-to instructions available here, but we'll leave it to you whether to give your guests a copy, or just let them use their own creativity and imagination. You should also define whether you just want a 2-tier or 3-tier diaper cake.

Using the dough in the previous activity, each group should be able to put the necessary touches that will make it obvious that it is a Noah’s Ark Diaper Cake. Just set a time limit for this activity (say 30 min), and let the mother-to-be judge their work afterwards. The group with the best Noah’s Ark diaper cake, wins the prize!


Did not find the game you're looking for? Check out this page to see other Baby Shower Theme Noah s Ark game candidates.



Baby Shower Theme Noah Favor and Prizes

Animal Stuff Toy - cute and fluffy. For kids and adults alike!

His and hers gift items - perfect gift for your favorite couple. Talk about a perfect pair!

Animal or Noah's Ark Movie/Book - whether a book or a video, we are sure that your guests will find this a wonderful addition to their book or movie collection

More animal cookies - delicious, yummy, and AMAZING.

Coloring books - if you prefer giving something that your guests' kids will enjoy, then this is the idea to go for!






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