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There are a lot of creative ways to invite your guests to your feet-themed shower party! Writing your invitation details in a rolled-up paper, which is placed inside a baby sock or a baby shoe, seems like a good start. If that didn't tickle your fancy, then how about hanging different baby socks on a piece of string in clothesline fashion. Just make sure that one of those socks will contain your rolled up invitation.

If you prefer to make your theme more obvious in your invitation, then just cut a set of footprints out of a cardboard. Make it little footprints, more like a baby's footprints, which should still give you enough space to write down all the necessary stuff that should be in your invitation.

If you find those cute, but you prefer giving an invitation that will be useful as far as your guests are concern, why don’t you bake them some cookies, shaped as footprints. Create little footprints, and place 5-10 cookies in a bag, with a note tied to its neck. The note will indicate the invitation details, from the dress code, to the place where you will hold your fun-filled party.

Don't forget to remind your guests that they are to wear their choice of printed clothes (preferably with footprints of any kind). Now let the party begin!


Free Baby Shower Invitation

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Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

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Baby Shower Game Ideas


Printable Games for Feet Shower






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More Feet Baby Shower Game Ideas


Feet Bowling (Individual/Group Activity)

Everybody knows how to play bowling, and since this will be a typical bowling with just a little twist, we won't dwell that much on bowling rules. If you find the typical bowling rules confusing, just forget the rules, and stick to counting the number of "pins" knocked down by each guest/group. The person/group with most knocked down pins, wins the game!

But since this is a baby shower activity, on a baby feet-themed shower, here's the twist. Baby bottles will serve as bowling pins, and instead of bowling with your hands, your guests need to kick a rubber ball so as to knock those pins down. We don't know about you, but that brought back some memories of games we played as kids, and should be a lot of fun to play again!

Sock Race (Group Activity)

Nope, this is not a baby shower version of the popular game sack race. However, this is still a race, a race to match the most number of socks, in the shortest amount of time!

The number of baby socks needed depends on the number of groups. The idea is to mix the socks with other type of clothings. The goal of each group is to find and match the socks, in the shortest amount of time! The group who was able to seek and match the fastest, wins the game!

Each group should work with the same number socks. It is recommended that guests will be instructed to bring at least a pair, so there's no need for you to buy that much socks just for this game.

What's My Size? (Individual Activity)

You will need a lot of baby pictures for this one. However, for this activity, you should also know the corresponding shoe size of each baby. Why? Because that is what this game is all about, guessing the right shoe size based on each baby's picture. The person/group with the most number of closest guesses, wins the prize!

Be sure to number each of the baby pictures so as to make game implementation easier. For the pictures, you could ask your guests to bring their baby's pictures and to indicate their baby's shoe size. Just ensure that you exclude the pictures they brought, when it's their turn to guess.

All About Feet (Group Activity)

It's about time that we focus on the mom-to-be, and surprise, surprise, we will be focusing on her pretty feet, to be specific.

You will need a lot of candles for this activity, since this is all about creating a "sculpture" of mom-to-be's foot using melted candles. The group with the prettiest and closest rendition of mom-to-be's foot, to be judged by mom-to-be of course, will be declared the big winner! Just set a time limit, and you're on!

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Baby Shower Favor and Prizes

Foot spa gift certificate - everybody's feet could use a break, and what better way to thank your guests than to give their feet the royal treatment.

Toe socks - share these socks with your guests so they could enjoy fewer blisters and healthier feet!

Nail polish - give your guests another way to heighten their feet's prettiness.

Footprint cookies - cookies are great since they're inexpensive and tasty, even if they come shaped like feet.






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