Baby Shower Theme Beach Party Ideas, Printable Invites and Decoration Tips


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Baby Shower Theme Beach Invitations

Start your shower party by sending your guests an invitation that will remind them of the beach. A pail and a shovel to go with it will definitely do the trick (yes, those things that kids play with on the beach). Of course, since this is a baby shower, and you would like to tell your guests that via your invitation, so sending a rubber ducky, a feeding bottle, or anything that one could associate with babies should go with that pail and shovel.

Another approach on that pail and shovel invitation is by decorating the pail with feeding bottles, rubber duckies and the like. You could use stickers, or if you're in a more creative mood, use some left over paints and draw baby items on your pail. After doing that, write your party details down and tuck your invitation in the pail. There should be more than enough space to place your invitation in the midst of those baby and beach items.

Another option is to cut a surfboard out of a cardboard. You could use some water colors to paint baby (item) pictures to decorate your surfboard. That should help spell out that you're having a beach baby shower party!

In your invitation, don't forget to tell your guests that they are to come to your party wearing a t-shirt and shorts (or anything they could imagine wearing on the beach and at a party). That should start the summer fun, and where else, but in your very own baby shower!


Free Baby Shower Invitation

Our MUST-SEE and FREE Printables for this theme, from invitation, thank you, and announcement cards, are all available here. Want to make your own cards? These free baby shower cliparts are the very thing you need!

Sample Baby Shower Theme Beach Invitations


We don't know about you but we think the featured beach themed baby shower invitation on the left is really cute. Make sure you visit our baby shower theme beach invitations page to get your hands on said invite or browse through similarly designed baby shower invitations.


Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

Baby Shower Menu

Who says your chosen theme will not be present in your menu? When we say it's everywhere, we mean it's everywhere! Here's our baby shower menu for this theme.


Baby Shower Game Ideas


Ready To Print Baby Shower Games






Need printable games ASAP? Tons of printable baby shower games available here!




Safety Pins First (Individual Activity)

You will need a lot of safety pins (the smaller the better) for this. You will also need some sand and pail or any container that could be used to contain your sand.

The safety pins will be scattered amidst that sand. Each player's task is to find the most number of safety pins in the sand, within a certain time limit. The player with the most number of safety pins at hand when the time strikes, will be the big winner. To make the game fair and challenging, make sure that you place the same number of pins per pail, and that those pins are really scattered through before the game starts.

Sand-Dough Art (Group Activity)

You will need a lot of dough for this particular activity. We initially thought we'll go for a sand art, but after thinking about the mess and the mud that will result from that, we're voting for dough art instead.

The idea of this activity is for the group to come up with their masterpiece (using dough) based on the following theme: baby and beach. It could be something like a baby riding a surf board, or a feeding bottle along the beach.

The group will be given a time limit to finish their work of art, in which mother-to-be gets to judge the winning piece.

Pass the Sand (Group Activity)

This is another relay of some sort, but since you might be bored with typical relays, this comes with a twist.

Since we're playing with sand, make sure that you have made some preparations so as to make the cleaning after easier.

Each group's task is to transfer as much sand from one end to another, just by using each player's hands. The first player will be at one end, and will be in charge of getting the sand from a container, and passing it to the person next to her, who will also pass the sand to person next to her, and so on. The person at the other end of the first player will then have the task of transferring the sand on his hand, into a feeding bottle. Any sand that gets spilled along the way and during the transfer from hand to bottle could no longer be used. In short, only sand that made it from the container to hand to feeding bottle will be useful.

The goal is to fill as many feeding bottle as possible within a certain time limit. If two groups have filled the same number of feeding bottle, then the group who was able to do it the fastest, wins the game.

Sand Mosaic (Group Activity)

This is another activity that will challenge everybody's creativity. You will need to prepare colored paper, pencils, pens, glue, and sand.

The goal is to come up with something related to babies, having a baby or mom-to-be. But it's not just as simple as drawing something in your papers. Everybody needs to "paint" their drawings using sand. It's like egg mosaic, but instead of egg shells, you need to use sand.

The group who was able to bring sand and art together beautifully, will be declared the Sand Artists of the group, and will win a prize. Of course mom-to-be will be the esteemed judge.

Bobbing for duckies (Individual Activity)

You will need a lot of very clean rubber duckies and other baby articles that will float in a tub full of water.

Since this is the ducky rendition of the popular game Bobbing for Apples, the rules of the game shouldn't be a mystery, since we're just replacing apples with ducks, which your guests still need to catch with their mouths. The other baby articles are just there to distract the players.

The person who was able to "catch" the most number of ducks the fastest, wins the game!

Want more baby shower games? More games available on this



Baby Shower Theme Beach Favor and Prizes

Flip flops - protect your friends' feet from the hot sand the next time they go to the beach.

Sombreros - to shade your guests from the hot burning sun.

Shell necklace - wonderful, artistic, and useful.

Sarong - your guests can definitely use another sarong to use on the beach.

Tanning lotion - help your guests enjoy hot sun and get the right tan



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