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Who could ever forget the part where Alice drank from a bottle with a note Drink Me tied on its neck? Since this a baby shower, an Alice in Showerland to be specific, we think that your invitation should be placed inside a baby bottle, with a note tied to its neck that says “Read Me”. The note, of course, contains your invitation details.

Another version of that creative idea is to use a rubber ducky instead of a baby bottle. Still with the note tied to its neck, and of course, your invitation details written on it.

Found that interesting but not to your taste? Then maybe baking your guests cookies will suit you more! Make sure that they come in different shapes, from circle, to hearts, from clovers to spades (yes, you did remember the role of the the Queen of Hearts and company in the movie, right?). Make sure that the words “Eat Me” are properly icingd to each of the cookie, since we definitely would like this to be as Alice in Wonderland as possible. Just place your cookies in a bag, and attach a note. The note will indicate the invitation details, from the dress code, to the place where your Alice in Showerland party will take place.

In the invitation, instruct your friends to wear balloon dresses for your female guests (they could also wear apron, if they feel like it), while your male guests could definitely choose to wear any old fashion clothings they could put their hands to. That should definitely be a nice touch and a good start for your theme-based baby shower party!


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Baby Shower Decoration

Fantastic decorations are a MUST HAVE in a successful theme-based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of your shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest! Theme-based decoration and centerpiece ideas are available right here.

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Baby Shower Game Ideas


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Find Alice (Group Activity)

You will be needing a lot of baby dolls for this activity.

After drinking the secret concoction, instead of just shrinking to a small size, Alice actually shrunk to become a baby! And not just one baby at that, she actually became many baby Alices in the process, and they (the multiple Alices) are quite ashame of their new size and are now hiding around the room.

The goal of each group is to find as many Alices as possible, since they need to drink another formula to get back to their normal size, and they have to drink it soon! The group with most Alices at hand, within a certain time limit, wins the game.

Wanted: Tea Expert (Individual or Group Activity)

You will need to brew different kinds of tea for this activity.

The goal of this game is for your visitors to guess what type of tea were they given. Here’s the twist. Instead of drinking their tea from a cup like what any normal person will do, they need to guess what tea it is based on a drop or so from a baby’s medicine dropper. This could be played individually or by group. The group or individuals with most correct guesses, and with the shortest guess time average, wins the game!

Tip: To make the tea tasting more challenging, you could "serve" the same tea more than once. That should eliminate all lucky guessers, and isolate the real tea connoisseur.

Apron Painting (Group Activity)

You will need textile paints, aprons, and paint brushes for this activity.

Here’s your guests’ chance to explore their artistic sides! However, instead of an easel, they should direct their artistic tendencies to an apron, to be worn by one of the members, and to be painted by the rest. Make sure that your live mannequin wears something that could protect him/her from the paints that will definitely come his/her way.

Their goal is to paint a picture that will combine two concepts: Alice in Wonderland and Baby. Set a time limit, and ask mother-to-be to judge the winning piece.

Hunt the Queen! (Group Activity)

You will be needing a lot of card decks for this one. The number will depend on the number of groups you will have.

The goal of each group is to find all the queen of hearts from a mountain of cards. Written at the back of each queen of hearts (written with a glow in the dark pen) is a letter that when combined with the other queen of hearts, will spell a particular baby item. If the room is not dark enough, there should be a way for your guests to read the writings and organize the scrambled letters. Then, their next step is to find the indicated baby item from a box of different baby items. Once found, they should run back to the host, to give him/her the baby item in question. To make this game more challenging, we suggest that you give your guests that following instructions one at a time:

  1. Look for all queen of hearts.

  2. If the number of cards is correct, inform them that there's a writing at the back of the cards. Leave them to find a way to determine how to read the writings. Just tell them that it will spell out a specific baby item.

  3. Once they approach you with the correct baby item word, ask them to find the actual baby item in the box.

The first group who could provide the baby item, wins the game!

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Baby Shower Favor and Prizes

Alice in Wonderland VCD, DVD or book - this is a great classic, and will be a great addition to your guests' movie/book collection.

Deck of Cards - your guests will never know when these will come in handy.

Cookies with Eat Me, Try One, Try Me icingd on each - tasty and so Alice in Showerland.

Tea pot set - your guests could throw their very own tea party, using this special set!

Apron - this is one useful favor, that your guests would surely appreciate!






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