Baby Shower Thank You Note and Invitations
for Detective Showers


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We made sure that all our ready to use invitations come with a baby shower thank you note, since we believe that sooner or later, you and the mom to be would love to express your gratitude for the wonderful gifts that she received and of course the great time during the baby shower,  so we decided to include a baby shower thank you note on all our templates.

The printable baby shower invitations on this page is designed for detective or mystery themed showers, so if you are looking for a unique baby shower theme for mom to be and she happens to love whodunits and such, then the invitation templates found on this page might just be what you want.

Similar to our other templates, you can find a ready to use baby shower invitations, which comes with different fields related to relevant party information, and as mentioned a baby shower thank you note, and last but not the least, a blank card that we have provided for baby shower throwers who would love to customize their invitation wordings, or if you have other printable needs, wherein name tags and favor tags are just a few example. We suggest you check out our how to instructions on how to get and use our baby shower thank you notes and other templates.

If a mystery themed baby shower is not what you have in mind, then we suggest you check out our general baby shower invitations, which are the templates we have provided that are not designed with a specific theme in mind. They can work on both theme-based and general showers, since they are designed to work on all types of showers. Now if you are particular that both babies and your theme elements must be present in your invitations and baby shower thank you note, then you might also want to check out our theme-based invitations page, since we have lots of invitations designed for different shower themes, just not on this page.




Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Invitation



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Detective Fan Boy Baby Shower Thank You Note and Invitation
Detective Fan Baby Girl Shower Invitations


How to get and use our baby shower thank you note and invitations:

As already mentioned above, each of our invitation templates include a ready to use invite, baby shower thank you note, and a blank card. All of these printables are saved as images, and you can download them by doing a right click on each image, choose Save File As or Save Image As, and when prompted, save it to your specified location.

If you plan to customize your invitation wordings, then in a blank Microsoft Word document, insert the blank card, then insert a text box on top of said image.  Then from there you can already type in your text and prose. Now if you plan to just plug in your party details, then you might want to use our ready to use invite since it already comes with the right fields. Based on experience, it is far easier to insert one text box per field for easier text navigation, but if you prefer the one text box for everything approach and you can make it work, that is also fine.

Now if you decided to use our blank cards for another purpose altogether, for example name tags and favor tags, then you might need to do some resizing since it’s too big for said purposes, and you can easily do this in Word 2007 by highlighting the image, going to the Format tab and adjusting the height and width fields (you can find this on the upper right hand corner).  And the text box approach will still come in handy to type in your guest’s name and who the favor tag is intended to.


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