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Looking for baby shower thank you card? Then we're happy to say that you will definitely find some thank you notes that will help you express gratitude to your guests right here. These thank you notes, plus our other templates, are designed for Alice in Wonderland baby shower theme, but just in case this is not what you have in mind when you typed in your search, we say check out our theme-based baby shower invitation page just in case you are planning a theme-based shower, just not an Alice in Wonderland one. You can find tons of invitations which tried to marry elements of specific themes plus of course babies and showers. Now if you want to keep things simple and just want simple baby shower thank you cards, you can find them with our general baby shower invitations. These are just all about babies, with no theme-based element whatsoever, which should make it a great invitation candidate for all sorts of baby showers.

But if you decided that an Alice in Wonderland is worth considering, you might want to check out our different Alice in Showerland baby shower ideas right here. And as already mentioned above,  on this page, you can find links that will direct you to baby shower thank you cards that comes with Alice elements, and it doesn't stop there, since as with our other baby shower invitations, one of the templates we provide is a ready to use invitation and another card that we left purposely blank for lots of reasons, so if you want to find out more, just read our how-to instructions.



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Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Boy Baby Shower Thank You Card and Invitation
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How to get and use our baby shower thank you card:

As already mentioned above, our baby shower thank you card comes with a ready to use invitation and a blank card. All these are images, JPEG files to be specific, so to get them, just right click on the image you want, choose Save Image As or Save File As, depending on the browser you are using right now, and when prompted, just input your preferred saving location.

Since you've search for a thank you card, let's start with that. Even though we provided templates that are similarly designed, there's really no rule that says that if you use the invitation found on this page, you also need to use the thank you card that comes with it or vice versa. We will leave to you if you prefer to just go for one design approach, but if you do decide to mix and match whatever you get here with another template altogether, that is more than fine. In fact, this will add some personalization on your shower, which is of course a good thing.

If you're also interested on the invitation part, despite just looking for thank you notes, your next decision point is whether to use the ready to use template or not. Just to give you an idea, these templates are designed for baby shower throwers who just prefer to input their party details and their invitations are good to go. If this is what you have in mind, then we say go for this template. Now if you prefer for us to take care of the design or the background and leave the invitation wordings and such to you, then we say make use of the blank card.

Whatever template you use, you can use Microsoft Word to "edit" said templates. Just insert it in a blank document, and if you're using the ready to use invitation, it might be a good idea to insert one text box per field for better text alignment and navigation (since you need to make sure that whatever you input will be aligned to the invitation field). Now if you are using the blank card, then just insert a single text box on top, and you can type in your preferred text inside.

These different templates are both provided to give you more options for your different printable needs. So just choose which one will work best for you, or if you don't know right now, just try things out and we're pretty sure you will finalize your decision one way or the other.


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