Free Baby Shower Tags Available Here. Download our Templates with a Few Simple Steps


Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?


These baby shower tags can work as a party gift card, or a favor tag. And the tags on this page are designed to work on baby showers in general, although if you are planning a theme-based shower, you might want to check out our other theme-based baby shower favor/gift cards, since we might have one designed for the specific theme you have in mind. But it's really not an issue if you are having a theme-based shower and you prefer to make use of these general gift and favor cards, since with those babies in the picture, this is expected to work on different types of baby showers, theme-based showers or not.

And since we made sure we have baby shower tags for both boys and girls, you shouldn't have a problem finding the right tag that will work for your event.


No idea how to use how our free gift cards? These baby shower tags instructions can help you use our free gift cards and/or favor tags.


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General Baby Shower Tags




Baby Shower Favor Ideas


Favor Idea: Baby Bootie Keepsake


Favor Idea: Baby Carriage Candle


Favor Idea: Cute Button Frame


Favor Idea: Cute Button Soap


Favor Idea: Mini Baby Bottle


Favor Idea: Personalized Candy Jar







You can find two designs of baby shower tags on this page, and we made  sure there will be something for a boy or a girl for each design. Depending on your preference, this might already be enough as baby shower tag options, but just in case it's not, make sure you check out our DIY baby shower tags instructions. And if that kinda scared you a bit, don't worry, you will not do everything from scratch, just a little customization or two, which will not really be that difficult. We say just check it out, since we're pretty sure they're pretty easy to follow, but why just take our word for it, right?

How to download and use our baby shower tags:

All the baby shower tags on this page are saved as images, similar to our other printables, so just get the baby shower tag you want by going to the image, doing a right click on said image, and choose Save File/Image As. You will be asked for saving location, so just input the path you want said images to be downloaded to.

Once you have the tag saved locally, you can use your favorite image editor to fill up the To and From fields, but just in case you don't have one, an image editor that is, we're pretty sure you will have a Microsoft Word installed, and that is the basis of the following instructions.

In a blank Word document, insert your preferred template, and insert one text box for the To and another for the From. And just like that, you can fill up each of the said fields. Just make sure you choose the right font that will match the design you've chosen.

DIY baby shower favor tags:

As promised, the doing it yourself part here is not that extensive. We say read on and decide for yourself if it's too tough for you.

To get alternative templates, go to our baby shower invitations page, and choose the design that strike your fancy. We just want to highlight that we have two types of invites - general baby shower invitations and our theme-based invites.

Once you singled out a particular invitation design, then follow the provided link until you reach the page which contains our three template types - a ready to use invite, a thank you card, and a blank card.

What you want is the blank card. Once you get a local copy, just insert it in a blank document, insert a single text box on it, and just make your own To and From fields. While you're at it, you might also want to fill up the To and From fields already.

And since the blank card is kinda big as it is, you will need to resize it. You can do this in Word 2007 by highlighting the image, going to the Format tab, and on the upper corner, adjust the height and width fields accordingly. Not using Word 2007? Then just follow the image resizing steps related to your version of Word. If you have no idea how, then we say just Google it.

That's not so hard, right?








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