Baby Shower Planning Guide For Pirate Themed Showers



Baby Shower Express #019: Baby Shower Planning Guide For Pirate Showers!


The baby shower planning guide you can find here is designed for pirate themed showers, which we think is a very fun baby shower theme, so make sure you consider it, especially if mom to be has nothing against buccaneers, treasure hunts, and booty hunting. Interested on more pirate themed shower ideas? Get your hands on tons of baby shower ideas for said theme here.

If you have some specific theme already in mind, no worries, we have a whole page or two dedicated to lots of themes, so just go to our baby shower theme page, find your chosen theme and get all sorts of ideas that will help you throw a theme-based shower!





If you're looking for a fun yet unique shower, you might want to consider a pirate shower. We bet you will have lots of fun with your shower preparations as we did when we were coming up with these ideas.

Some black and hot pink will just be the right color for a pirate baby shower. A bit of gold and silver here and there will not be amiss.

Bring out a chest that will pass as your treasure chest and position it in the part of the room where it will be quite obvious. Dolls and stuff toys wearing an eye patch and a bandanna should also be scattered all over the room.

For your shower activities, you can go for a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt, although there's no rule saying you can't go for both. Since this is still a baby shower, things to be hunted should be related to the soon to be mommy or babies in general.

Another cute game is to have a drinking contest ala baby shower. You can use root beer or ginger ale as your beverage of choice and since this is a baby shower game, everybody must drink their fill from a baby bottle.

And now it's time for ideas on what to serve your mateys.

Seafood dishes are the typical choice. You can also serve some stew with hard biscuits since they're common fare for buccaneers. Ideally, you and your guests should eat with your hands, but if you think your mates won't be comfortable with that, eating with utensils shouldn't make your shower less piratey.

Prepare some pirate punch, as we call it, which is basically like a tropical punch. Or better yet, have another round of root beer and ginger ale for your guests, just in case they haven't had their fill on your drinking contest.

For more pirate shower ideas, click on our baby shower planning guide for this theme.

And don't forget to visit our pirate themed baby shower invitations page so as to get your hands on our theme-based invites for both boys and girls.





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Other baby shower planning guide ideas:

If this is not the theme you have in mind, no worries, we have lots of baby shower planning guide for other themes, and you can find the lot on our baby shower themes page. Each of the entry on said page will lead you to a page which contains lots of ideas, from decoration tips, game ideas, food ideas, all designed to work and set the right theme-based atmosphere. Now if you think that is too advance since you are looking for basic baby shower planning guide to start you off, this baby shower planning page should help you, as well as this baby shower checklist that we have prepared for our different readers.

We also suggest that you check out our baby shower game page, since not all the games we have prepared are theme-based, since we have some that will work for baby showers in general. And we have prepared traditional baby shower games that we tagged as active games, primarily because they are more physical and will more often than not, require your guests to step out of their seats. Now if you think your guests will prefer something that they can play sitting down and chatting with mom to be and her other guests, no worries since we have printable games as well, and you can get the lot for free. These pen and paper games include general baby shower bingo, theme-based bingo, word search, matching game, and a lot more.

That should give you more than enough baby shower planning guide already, if we may so.








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