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Baby Girl Bingo Card 12


Be sure to check out our instructions for our baby shower party game for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

One thing for sure, if you are looking for some baby shower party game, we have tons of ideas we would like to pitch to you, and one of these is the game found on this page, which is a bingo game designed for girl baby showers because it comes with our site's little girl, and instead of the numbers that usually come with bingo games, this one is all about words related to anything and everything about babies. And just in case you like this game idea already, but mom to be happens to be having a boy, no need to worry since we have lots of game cards for boy showers as well, and you can find everything, including more bingo cards for girls, right here on this page. And if you think this bingo game is really quite plain, again no need to worry, since we have lots of baby shower games, and since we love bingo a lot, we made sure we have lots of variation of bingo, some perfect for specific themes, while others are great for baby showers in general. And while you're on our baby shower game main page, you might also want to look at our traditional baby shower games, which are found at the bottom section of said page. And just in case you miss it, our other printable baby shower party game are found on the top section of the same.


Most of the games here still means some preparation on your part, so if you prefer ready-to-print party games, then check out BabyShowerGamesAtoZ, and you will get your hands on dozens of printable and theme-based games.




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Before settling on the game on this page or any other printable game, please think about the idea of whether more physical and active baby shower party games are more fitting to your event, since you have more idea on what your guests will prefer, so we think you are in a good position to make an informed decision on this part. Of course, there's really no rule or that says you only need to go for all physical games or everything printable games. If a mix of the two will be a great idea as far as you're concern, then we say go for this approach.

And speaking of more physical games, if you are throwing a theme-based shower, we also suggest you look into our different baby shower themes, and if we happen to have an entry for your specific theme, then just follow said link and on our specific theme page, you can find game ideas designed for your chosen theme, which is usually more physical and active than the game found here. That should give you more baby shower party game ideas.

How to get our baby shower party game:

This baby shower party game card is saved as an image, so you can follow your usual method of getting images from the net so as to get a copy of this game on your computer. And since we're pretty sure you will need more card than what we have here, go back to our main baby shower party game page,  navigate to the provided links and go through your image saving method until you have the right number of bingo game cards.

And just in case your party is really quite big, bigger than we anticipated, meaning we will have less cards than your number of guests, we suggest you print multiple copies of some of the cards, and if ever there will be more than one winner because of this approach, we say that is not a bad thing to happen on a baby shower, so just make sure you have prepared backup prizes since you never know, you might even want to give out impromptu prizes on your other baby shower activities.





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