When we say that your chosen baby shower theme is everywhere, it's really everywhere. Even in your baby shower menu!


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ABC Baby Shower Menu

For your menu, we suggest that you serve something that starts with consecutive letters of the alphabet. Don't worry, your choices will not be limited to food items starting with ABC. You could also have an appetizer that starts with the letter Q, main course that starts with the letter R, and so on and so forth. If you're only serving appetizers, then just make sure that you have an appetizer that starts with the letters Q, R, S, etc.

For your cake, you could have small cakes, wherein each small cake (could be a cupcake), is icing'd with a letter of the alphabet. Or instead of serving a cake, just bake cookies, with a letter icing'd in it. Either ideas will match your baby shower theme!

If you're serving punch, you could use some alphabet ice to keep it cool, and of course, will add to the ABC atmosphere that you're aiming for!


Adoption Baby Shower Menu

The new baby's roots will play a lot in an adoption baby shower, even in the shower menu. So if the new baby is Asian, your repertoire will be composed of dimsum, sushi, Japanese salad, and so on. Some tea to wash everything down will also be a good addition.

We bet that the new parents feel as if they won a million dollars so serving dishes that one can imagine serving on such happening will also work. You can ask the new parents to determine what dishes to serve or you can make this into a potluck and ask each of the guests to bring something appropriate for such occasion.

For your cake, any cake that comes in either stork, parachute or gift shape/design will be a great choice. Again, you can make this about the baby's heritage and serve a cake shaped like a fortune cookie if baby is of that descent.

Since this is an adoption baby shower, serving alcoholic drinks shouldn't be a problem. This occasion definitely calls for a celebration and is a perfect time to serve champagne. But if you prefer to serve non-alcoholic beverages, serving sparkling punch will do as well. Be sure to prepare some wine glasses since the new parents definitely deserve a toast or two for their wonderful blessing!


Alice Baby Shower Menu

A tea party is definitely in order for your Alice in Showerland menu! Prepare different kinds of tea, scones, cookies, whatever tea items you feel you and your guests will enjoy.

For your cake, you could bake a heart-shaped cake or just make a cake shaped like a tea pot. Either ideas will be a fantastic addition to your Alice in Showerland tea party!

We also suggest that you icing whatever cookies or scones you will serve with either Eat Me, Try Me, etc, and just tie some "Drink Me" tags around your sodas and other drinks you're serving.

If you're serving punch, just add some heart-shaped ices, to keep everything cool, and Alice Showerland like!


Angels Baby Shower Menu

Your menu for this theme could come in two ways: any food items with the word angel in it (eg. Angel cake, Angel hair pasta) or any food item that will come in white, gold or a combination of both! We bet that this will give you a lot of choices, and will not limit your menu!

For your cake, either bake a cake shaped like a feather or a halo, or just bake a typical cake, all in white, and just icing an angel in it (if you have angel cake decors, those will also do).

If you're serving punch, just choose a punch that will be white or gold in color. Either ideas will match your theme completely, and will leave nobody in doubt that your theme is indeed everywhere!


Arabian Nights Baby Shower Menu

Mediterranean dishes, that is what you will be serving your guests, if you are having an Arabian Nights baby shower. There are lots of Mediterranean dishes, so coming up with your menu, from appetizer to dessert, should not be an issue. You could serve your food using goldware or silverware. Using colored glassware is also a good alternative.

You also have plenty of options when it comes to your cake. You could have a cake shaped like a magic lamp, carpet, treasure chest, genie, castle, whew, you really have a lot of choices here. Just pick one, and that's one less thing you need to worry about.

Fruits, especially citrus ones, are very much part of Arabian cuisine, hence, any fruit punch, especially those with lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime, and the like, are popular choices for someone aiming for an amazing Arabian Nights baby shower.


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Around The Clock Baby Shower Menu

This is a very interesting theme as far as we're concern, since there are really many ways to approach it, even on the baby shower menu.

You can choose to serve a course that normally appears on different times of the day - some fritata to represent breakfast, scones for tea time, and the like. Or let your chosen special time like BBQ time, beach time and such dictate the dishes you're serving.

Making this a potluck thing by asking your guests to bring dishes or drinks that they usually prepare during times when they're celebrating something is also a cool idea and will make this baby shower one heck of a celebration.

If you like the around the time zone idea, you can choose to serve dishes that represents countries from different time zones. Serving some delicacies from Asia, USA, Europe will definitely give you a lot of choices.

You can serve everything using plates and utensils that represents the 4 seasons so as to highlight your chosen theme in every bite.

A four seasons punch is definitely a great drink candidate. But if you want more drinks to choose from, there are great spring, summer, autumn and even hot punch for winter choices. Dozens of recipes available and they're just one google away!


Beach Baby Shower Menu

You can go for barbecue meat or seafood, or just serve fried chicken to make things simple. Compliment your main dish with some salad like coleslaw or potato salad. Some chips with salsa and nuts will also be a great addition.

If you are up to it, you can serve your dishes in pineapple or coconut husks. That should bring your themed party to the next level.

For your cake, any cake that includes pineapple as its main ingredient will be a good candidate. From the more simple pineapple cake to pineapple upside-down cake, those will really be neat. Or better yet, just serve some fresh fruit, which will be a refreshing conclusion to your shower meal.

What's a party without a good drink or two? Of course we mean non-alcoholic beverages, so go for fruits shake or fruit punch, which will be quite refreshing on hot summer days.


Book Baby Shower Menu

Similar to your shower decoration, your chosen genre will also greatly affect your shower menu. If you’re going for a sci-fi book party, then you might want to look at popular meals that astronauts love, which means Mac & Cheese and Spaghetti, two of the more popular space goodies, should be considered properly. But if you want to serve other dishes that feature chicken, beef and seafood, as long as they come in bite size pieces, then they are worth adding. And to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth, you can either go for brownie (also popular in the space food arena) or better  yet, let your guests try out some astronaut ice cream, which will definitely be a cool experience for them!

If she loves historical romance, then what we call “romantic” foods are definitely in. This means any dishes in red are worth considering. So are dishes that are composed of ingredients of what are called aphrodisiac foods - asparagus, basil, honey, oysters, chocolate, bananas, and strawberries are just a few examples. You can also approach this on the historical instead of the romance aspect, which means mutton, venison and other game meats are better candidates compared to your typical pork and beef fare. That should give you lots of choices on what to serve your guests, from main course to dessert.

Throwing a shower with a different book genre? No worries, just follow the process we went through for the two genres above and you’ll surely have your best book baby shower yet!


Christian Baby Shower Menu

There are many ways to approach your Christian shower menu. One is to serve any food items that comes with the word angel in it (eg. Angel cake, Angel hair pasta). Another way is to choose any dish that comes in white, gold or a combination of both. Serving dishes that are mentioned in the bible - bread and cheese, dried fruits, anything with chicken, lamb and venison, etc, can also be another approach. You can choose to just stick to one approach or combine them. Either way, that should give you lots of options on what to serve your guests on your Christian baby shower.

A cake shaped like a feather or a halo is one way to approach your theme-based cake. Serving an angel cake or any cake that will come in white is also another way.

If you're serving punch, just choose a punch that will be white or gold in color. Either ideas will match your theme completely.


Christmas Baby Shower Menu

Your typical Christmas fare is perfect even for Christmas baby showers! So your traditional turkey or ham, mince pie, green bean salad, mashed potato and other family traditional dishes should be present in your shower menu.

Serve your fare using your best plate sets, since there's no better time to bring them out than when a dual celebration of Christmas and baby shower is happening.

Anything with apple and/or chocolate for your cake will still be a good conclusion to your Christmas baby shower meal

And it should not come as a surprise that we recommend some Christmas punch to wash everything down. There are lots of recipe choices and they're just a google away.


Couples Baby Shower Menu

The couple's favorite dishes should be part of your shower menu. You can opt to just get the couple's preference and have them prepared/ordered. Or you can make this a potluck and ask the other couples to bring these and their favorite dish as well. That should add some variety to your baby shower menu.

Another way to approach a couple baby shower menu is to serve everything by twos. A couple of sushi, two dimsum, spaghetti w/ two meatballs, etc. You can also just serve your dishes on a single plate wherein the couple need to share the plate to eat their fill.

Choose a cake that is popular with the couple of the hour. Having a cake with some special designs - a pair of booties, baby hand and footprints and so on, will also work well. That should take care of your guests' sweet tooth.

And lastly, choose a punch that you think the couple will really enjoy. Serve everything in a big jar/bowl/glass and put a couple of straws. We don't know about you, but we find sharing food or drink romantic, and that is an element that is just right for a couple baby shower.


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