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Be sure to check out the instructions of our baby shower invitations jungle theme for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

Designs abound for Baby Shower Invitations. Jungle theme is one of our favorites, so we've prepared some alternate designs that you might enjoy looking through. Go ahead and check out our other baby shower invitations jungle theme page because we believe you deserve as many options as you can get. Happy browsing!


Baby Shower Invitations Jungle Theme



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Kids love animals and so cutesy-poo themed animal baby shower parties are a popular choice among expectant parents.

It's really up for grabs whether you want a specific animal as the inspiration for your party, or you can select a category approach such as farm animals, fairy tale animals, etc.

And of course, you'll need to select appropriate decorations, invitations, give aways, food, and drinks to complement and match your selected party theme.

Because we want to give you a big leg up in your party preparations, this page is dedicated to Baby Shower Invitations. Jungle Theme animals are the design for these baby shower invitations jungle theme, and we do hope you like the assortment that we've provided from Invitations to Thank You Cards and flexible Stationery / Note Cards that you can even use as name cards when baby is born!

You'll love the cute cartoon animals that we used for these baby shower invitations jungle theme. They are baby-sized jungle animals that suit the theme of a baby shower party. The colors we used in the design are mostly baby blues, so these naturally fit the mom who is expecting a boy. However, here's a little trick that you may need to see to believe: use hot pink or baby pink markers on these cards, and you'll be amazed at the transformation from the masculine to the feminine feel of the cards! To seal the deal, you might even use a rubber stamp or two of distinctly feminine icons, like a hair tie, or cartoonized heavy-lashed eyes. Then there can be no mistake about the gender of the coming baby.

The baby shower invitations and baby shower thank you cards are easy to use, just download and print onto your preferred paper or card stock. The blank card has many uses, and it's truly up to you how to put them to best use. But for now go ahead and use them the way we intend, as an instruction card or note card, containing for example, directions to the party venue, or recommended gifts, or a list of stuff you would like guests to bring if you have special games or some such.


Here's our suggestions on how you can use our baby shower invitations jungle theme:

Right-click on your chosen image and choose to Save Picture on to your harddrive. Be sure you remember your save destination folder.

There are then a number of ways you can view and print the image. One of the easiest / simplest ways is to create a blank document using Word or Wordpad. Then, you simply drag and drop the image: drag it from the save folder, drop it onto your new blank document.

Optional: You can freely add text to the document you've just created. Add formatting to the text as your word processing software allows. Be sure to make creative use of colors and other text effects like bold, italics, etc. For this purpose, you can use text boxes in Word. Or, you can simply double-click on the image and choose to make it stay "behind text". Then you can just type text onto your document as you normally would.

When you're happy with the look and feel of your document, go ahead and send output to printer. Be sure you choose a great card stock for your printouts.

Some last minute tips on the best use of our Baby Shower Invitations: Jungle Theme

Using Word or Wordpad, you can place 2 images on 1 page. This will let you maximize the use of your card stock. Don't forget to use Copy and Paste when you do this. It's the best time-saving device available in all modern software.

You can also email electronic copies of the invitations to your guests. Instead of using Word or Wordpad, use photo editing software like Photoshop or Windows Paint. Then it's just a matter of creating free-floating text boxes where you can type the information to personalize your invitations. Finally, all you have to do is save the document as a popular image format, such as JPG, and you're done! All that's left is to email the baby shower invitations jungle theme to your guests.




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