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Over 75 Themes! With so many themes, how do you choose which design is perfect for you?



Be sure to check out the instructions of our baby shower invitation templates for a girl for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips.

We love Baby Shower Invitations that have simple designs because they fit general themes. What's more, it is very easy to personalize them with an inspired choice of fonts or by inserting clip-art graphics that convert the basic design to your choice of theme. For these reasons, this baby shower invitation design is one of our favorites and we heartily recommend it to all -- all who are expecting a baby girl, that is, because this baby shower invitation template is for a girl! We've designed this one to appeal to a broad audience by using a soft feminine color combination of pinks, eggshell/yellow, and browns. The smiling baby girl has brunette hair which is a perfect match for expectant moms who have this hair color.

Of course, this can mean that this specific design doesn't match your expectant mom. For this reason, we've prepared some alternate designs to meet your need for baby shower invitation templates for a girl, which you can find by following the link.

Since we've designed this baby shower invitation for general, non-themed use, you'll see that the layout is simple and requires a bit of decoration if you want it to have more flair or simply to personalize it for your purposes. If you feel this sounds like a lot of work and want to get started printing invitations right away, then it's a good idea to browse thru our theme-based baby shower invitations for design layouts that require little further personalization.


Baby Shower Invitation Templates For A Girl



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Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Invitation



The following are instruction on how you can use these baby shower invitation templates for a girl:

Right click on the image and choose to "Save As" and then choose a destination folder in your harddrive. Remember where you save said baby shower invitation templates for a girl as you will need to locate it later for printing.

The easiest way to create a printable copy of the invitation is to take the image you downloaded and paste it onto a blank Word or Wordpad document. To do this, you choose the "insert" menu command and then choose "Picture" and "from file". Then you must navigate to the save location where you downloaded the image.

You can then personalize the baby shower invitation templates for a girl of your choicel by typing text using Word function called textbox. You can do this by choosing "insert" menu command and then choose "textbox".  You simply input the text you want to appear in your invitation, such as the name, date, place, time, and other pertinent details for your party. You can customize some properties of the textbox such as background color, font style, font size, font alignment, etc.

The number of ways you can customize these invitations are endless and we do encourage you to explore them if you have the time. Generally speaking, we feel that we tend to enjoy the invitations more if we spend more time personalizing them.

A quick tip about electronic invitations:

It's fun and easy to make electronic invitations in order to send them via email or post on your social networking site like Facebook. The most convenient way is to use Paint, Photoshop, or similar photo-editing software to embed text onto the invitation graphic that you downloaded.

Then it's a simple matter of saving the image as a JPG (the most popular image format on the internet) and sending out the file to your guests via email or your preferred method of web-based announcement.



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