Arabian Nights Baby Shower Invitation Idea, Printable Templates For Invitations and Thank You Cards


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Arabian Nights Baby Shower Invitation Idea

If you are looking for a unique bridal shower theme, then you might want to check out our Arabian nights baby shower ideas, especially if mom to be finds anything about the dessert, Arabian Nights, sheiks and such quite romantic and would love something of those exotic elements on her shower day. And to complement all those unique baby shower ideas, on this page is our baby shower invitation idea for your Arabian Nights party.

Now if the baby shower invitation idea you have in mind doesn’t match what you see on this page, then we say check out our theme-based invitations page, find the theme you have in mind and get our baby shower invitations designed for said theme. Now if you don’t have any specific theme, then that is where our general baby shower invitations will come in. These are our invitations that have no theme elements whatsoever, and is expected to work on baby showers in general since they are designed that way.





Ready Made Printable Baby Shower Invitation



AMAZING Free Baby Shower Cards

Arabian Nights Magic Carpet Boy Baby Shower Invitation Idea
Arabian Nights Magic Carpet Baby Girl Shower Invitations


As with our other baby shower invitation idea, you can find something that will work for your shower, whether mom to be is having a girl or a boy. And if you get our free baby shower templates, you can get a ready to use invitation, a thank you note card and a card that we left purposely blank to make it extra versatile for your different printable needs. Make sure you check out our instructions below to see our how to use instructions.

How to use our baby shower invitation idea:

All our shower invitation idea includes three types of templates, as already mentioned above. These are saved as images, and you can get them by going to the image that interested you, doing a right click on it, choosing Save File As or Save Image As, which will depend on the browser you’re using. Then you will be asked to input the location you plan to save said image, so just type in C:\Images of your preferred image location.

Once you have it locally, it’s time to edit it to input your baby shower details. If your baby shower invitation idea is to just input your party details and that’s it, then we say make use of the ready to use invitation template. You can edit it using your favorite image editor, or another way is to do it the way we do it, which is to insert it in a blank Microsoft document, insert a text box per field, and that’s how you can “fill up” each field.

Or you can make use of the blank invitation templates we have provided to give you more freedom to personalize on what should be part of your baby shower invitations. Same as the previous instruction, just insert it in a blank document. But since there’s no fields to speak of, just insert a single text box (resize it if you plan to add a lot of text), then basically type in your invitation wordings.  We think this should give lots of flexibility, and is the better way to go especially if you want to come up with your own invitation wordings and maybe add an embellishment or two.




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