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Couple Baby Shower Girl Decorations


Some experiences are best when shared between a couple -- celebrations more so! So if the expectant mom has decided to have a couples baby shower and the happy couple is expecting a girl, then you've come to the right page for baby shower girl ideas and baby shower girl decorations!

And we do have lots of tips and printables to help on this. Specifically, how do you decorate your party venue to make it tastefully festive without overdoing it? There's plenty of options in this regard, including that you can hire a party planner. Or if you're up to the task of organizing the party yourself and have a sizeable budget to work with, you can buy party packs and use commercially-prepared party accents to decorate your party venue.

You can also be adventurous and craft-sy enough that you want to prepare your own party decorations to celebrate her baby shower party. We've prepared this bundle of free party decor that you can easily download and print. Read on for party tips and decoration ideas on how you can best use the printables on this page.

If you are open for more girl decoration options, check out our other baby shower decorations for girls.


This image is great for use as party buntings or as components of a party banner. The design elements and colors that we used are mildly festive instead of vibrant hues. This is because unlike in kiddie parties, wherein majority of the guests are kids and of course everything must be loud and lively, baby showers are all about friends of the parents-to-be.

For these baby shower girl decorations, we think the scalloped borders are simply adorable and absolutely perfect for welcoming a baby girl. The soft edges, pastel colors, and sweeping lines of the text all come together , so if you agree with us on all that, this is where you can download this baby shower banner.

Here's our recommendation on how to use this decor:

Our printable banner comes in PDF format so be sure to have a compatible reader software on your computer such as Adobe Reader.

Double-Click on the file you've downloaded to open / view it using your reader software. From there, you can print the document onto your choice of paper stock -- plain paper, cardboard, or photo paper -- just be sure to select the proper paper type in your printer software before you send to the printer.

You can cut out the objects and string them together on a line that you can hang from your ceiling or along the walls of your party venue. To do this, you can punch 2 holes side-by-side on the top of each piece. Then run a string thru the holes and it's done: you have yourself some party buntings!

Another way is to attach each piece to a larger party banner as ornaments -- sort of a collage. You can do this to create your own customized party banner!

Lastly, you can also use small clothespins to hang each piece to form a stylized clothesline. You can even hang some smaller articles of baby apparel such as socks, bibs, mittens beside the letters. It's a great way to set the mood for your baby shower party!



Ready To Use Baby Shower Girl Decorations


Mom Silhouette Girl Banner


Baby Feet Pink Shower Supplies







These small decorations are great for couples baby shower welcoming a baby girl. You can use these as hangers and / or party buntings. You can also find alternative uses for these such as to decorate your door knob, drink coasters, cup cakes, drinks, favor boxes, etc.

For your cupcakes or other pastries, you can print these out and attach them to a toothpick that you can plant onto your cupcakes, like a miniature flag. For favor boxes, there are a multitude of box design templates on the net that you can use as a model. The design can be generic, and so we recommend that you use our small circle and square designs to decorate such boxes.

Now that you've decided to use our small printable baby shower girl decorations for your shower party, download and save the document and you're all set to print!


You can find wonderful uses for big format versions of our printable baby shower decor design. Perhaps you want to create a banner and have chosen our design as a complement to your own. Another use is as the backdrop of a plate, or clock, or other framed object where high resolution images are indicated. You can also use these designs -- both the smaller and the bigger ones -- in a follow-the-crumbs sort of thing: decorate 1 side of the wall leading to your party venue!

Love it? It's quite easy to get these, just do a right-click on the link of our big printable collection of baby shower girl decorations.







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