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Looking for a baby shower gift card or a favor tag? The baby shower gift tag or favor tag we have here is designed for prince and princess baby shower themes, so if you are planning either one for mom to be’s shower,  make sure you get the right card for your different favors or gifts.

Now if the baby shower gift tag you have in mind is different from what we have here, maybe because you are looking for a card that is related to another theme, then go to our baby shower gift tag main page, and from there, choose the gift card that will fit your event.

No idea how to use how our free gift cards? These free baby shower gift card instructions can help you use our free gift cards and/or favor tags.


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Prince(ss) Baby Shower Gift Card



Baby Shower Favor Ideas


Favor Idea: Baby Bootie Keepsake


Favor Idea: Baby Carriage Candle


Favor Idea: Cute Button Frame


Favor Idea: Cute Button Soap


Favor Idea: Mini Baby Bottle


Favor Idea: Personalized Candy Jar


How to use our free baby shower gift card:

Our shower gift cards are saved as images, so to get them, you can do it the same way you get other images from the net, which is to do a right click on the image, choose Save File As or Save Image As  depending on what browser you’re using, and then save it on your preferred image location.

And once you have a local copy, you can use either your favorite image editor to fill up the fields, or if you do it the way we do it, insert the image on a blank Microsoft Word document, insert a text box on top of that, and type in the names and such. If it will make filling up the fields easier, you can also choose to insert one text box for the To field and another text box for the From field. This approach can help you navigate text better and will make it easier for you to align your inputted text versus the To and From fields, so we suggest you do it this way.

Other Baby Shower Gift Card Templates:

Although not explicitly designed as baby shower gift card or even as favor tags, we think our blank baby shower invitation cards will be great alternative templates and should give you more options if you are looking for more baby shower gift card templates. To get said blank baby shower invitation cards, go to our theme-based baby shower invitations main page, find your preferred theme, and choose from the different invitation designs, and from there get the blank card of the invitation design of your choice. Now if you just prefer general invitation templates, meaning no theme element whatsoever, just babies, babies and more babies, then our general baby shower invitations are the better choice, so just follow said link and from there, choose the right design and get the blank card of said design.

Then in Microsoft Word, you can choose to change the height and width of the image. In Word 2007, you can do this by going to the Format tab, and on the upper right hand corner, you can find the height and width fields. Just do some trial and error until you reach the right size for your preferred favor tag or gift card. You can choose to do said resizing after you input the To and From fields values, or before you insert your text. Either way is fine.








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