Miss those traditional baby shower games? Don't worry, we also have those conventional baby shower game right here!


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Our theme-based baby shower game and activities are available at our Amazing Shower Themes. Just click the theme of your choice, to get those theme-based games and activities we promised you!

However, If you want a shower with the theme-based activities and the like, but still prefer to have traditional shower games? No worries, since you can have it right here! Because here at AMAZING baby shower ideas, we have prepared both kinds for you!

On this page, you can find printable pen and paper games, from the traditional baby shower bingo games, to bingo games with some special twist (eg. Animal Mom and Babies Bingo). For those who prefer something printable but beyond bingo, no worries, since we also have those here.

You can also find some general shower game ideas which we categorize under the "active game" category. Most of these requires some preparation on your part, which are mostly the materials and other logistics preparations that said game will require.


Baby Animal
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Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme Bingo

Spanish Baby Name Bingo

Word Scramble


Most of the baby shower game here still means some preparation on your part, so if you prefer ready-to-print party games, then check out BabyShowerGamesAtoZ, and you will get your hands on dozens of printable and theme-based games.





Printable Baby Shower Game

Moon and Stars
Noah's Ark
Nursery Rhyme
Precious Moment
Tea Party
Teddy Bear


FEATURED BabyShowerGamesAtoZ Games

Time to play: 5 minutes

How to Play: Guests race to fill in the blanks of all these 3 letter body parts, plus find the answers in the crossword.

Scoring: First player to correctly fill-in-the-blanks and find the answers in the crossword wins. If there is a tie, the first of the tied guests to name 3, five-letter body parts, wins. Answer key included.

Time to play: 5 - 7 minutes

How to Play: Guests try to match 10 different languages with that language's word for baby.

Scoring: The guest with the most correct answers, wins. Answer key included.


More Traditional Baby Shower Game


The baby shower game on this section are mostly "active" games and usually require some preparation on your part.


Baby carving contest

Your guests' goal is to do their best to arve a baby by using a dull-edge utensil from a soap (eg. read knife). The one with the most baby-like soap wins the game. Of course, mom-to-be gets to judge!

Diaper sniffing contest

You will need around 10 diapers for this game.

Spill some scents on each diaper (eg. Cola, vanilla, etc). Your guests' goal is to sniff each diaper, and write what the scent is, in a piece of paper. The person with the most number of correct guesses, wins the game!

Diaper stacking

You will need a lot of diapers for this game. We suggest that you use disposable diapers, since that will make this game more challenging. This game is best played by group.

The goal of the game is for your guests to stack their diapers as high as possible, without it tumbling. Just set a time limit, and the game is on!

Drinking contest

This is another variation of the popular game trip to Jerusalem. However, instead of chairs and music, what will happen is that two baby bottles (full of orange juice or something similar) will get passed around. Once the music stops, whoever have the baby bottles need to finish the contents fast. The person who finishes last is out of the game. Before game resumes, the bottles get refilled (or new bottles will be made available), the music starts, and the passing of the bottles, starts all over again.

Find those safety pins

Place around 100 small safety pins in a jar full of uncooked rice. Blindfolded, your guests need to find as much safety pins within a short time span (say 30 seconds). The person with the most safety pins, wins the game!

Lucky cards

You will need a deck of cards for this game. Distribute the cards to your guests. The number of cards per guest will depend on how many guests you will have (just make sure that each guest will have the same number of cards).

The mother-to-be get to call out a card of her choice. The guest with the said card will have the chance to win a gift, if s/he could answer a baby-related question, or something about the mom-to-be. Continue calling out the lucky cards, until all the gifts you have prepared have been given away!

My water broke!

This game is fun to play! Hopefully your guests will not mind getting a little bit wet.

This is best played by group. The idea of this game is something like a relay, wherein each of your guests will run a certain distance with a balloon full of water between their knees, and then pass the balloon to the next person in line, and so on. The group who finish the race the fastest, and with the least number of balloon breaks, wins the game!

Name Game

You could group your guests or play this individually.

The idea here is for your guests to write down the best name they could think of, that starts with the letter that will be called out by mother to be. Mom-to-be also maintains a list of her own, and writes down her preferred name under that letter. The guest or group with the most number of name matches to mother-to-be, wins the game!

Pacify the baby

This is the baby shower version of the popular game pin the tail on the donkey.

Instead of a picture of a donkey, what you will have is a picture of a baby, wherein the goal of your guests is to pacify the baby by pinning a pacifier in the baby's mouth.Of course they should be blindfolded when they try this stunt!

Pass the baby

This is the baby shower version of the popular game trip to Jerusalem.

Instead of circling around a number of chairs while the music is playing, your guests get to pass a doll around while the music is playing. Once the music stops, the person with the doll is out of the game. And the music plays again and the passing around starts all over.

Remember me

You will need around 20 baby items and 20 boxes that will contain each item. Each of the box should be numbered.

This game is a variation of the memory game. On this variation, each of your guests should properly correspond which box to which baby item. To make this game more challenging, introduce your guests randomly to each of the boxes. Also, they should only get to peek once inside a box, before you bring them to another box.

The guest with the most number of correct number and baby item correlation, wins the game!

Rubber duckies ring toss

You will need a lot of rubber duckies and a tub full of water. The ducks, of course, will be "swimming" in the water.

Your guests need to toss the rings around each of the rubber ducky's neck. The person with the most number of "caught" rubber duckies, wins the game!

To make this baby shower game more challenging, you could fan the water to move the ducks around. The distance between the tub and the player will also make a lot of difference.

Sock Race

Nope, this is not a baby shower version of the popular game sack race. However, this is still a race, a race to match the most number of socks, in the shortest amount of time!

On this baby shower game, you will need at least 20 baby socks. Don't worry, if you don't want to buy that many socks, ask your guests to bring one pair each. That should give you sufficient number of socks for this game. The socks could also be donated to mother-to-be, which she will really appreciate!

The diaper race

You will need two dolls and two diapers for this baby shower game.

The goal of the game is for your guests to compete against each other in diapering the baby (aka the doll). Here's the catch, they could only use one hand. Just let each guest compete with another guest, wherein the winnner will compete with another winner in another batch, and so on, until you have the ultimate one-hand diapering champion!

What's on mommy's purse?

Have all of your lady guests check their purse for baby items. The guest with the most number of baby-related items in her purse, wins this baby shower game!







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