Baby Shower Game Ideas : Bingo


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We have prepared some baby shower game ideas, and on this page, you will find our free baby shower bingo that you can use on your shower. These cards are composed of special words that one usually associate with baby showers and having a baby.

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Most of the games here still means some preparation on your part, so if you prefer ready-to-print party games, then check out BabyShowerGamesAtoZ, and you will get your hands on dozens of printable and theme-based games.

Game Mechanics:

Depending on your preference, you can opt to have multiple bingo game levels. On the first level, players need only cross out words diagonally for them to cry bingo. Winning level 2 means they need to cross out words such that all crossed out words will make an X on their bingo cards. And for them to be declared the absolute winner and pass level 3, they need to cross out all the words found on the outermost square of their bingo cards.

Whether you want to play these on different levels or just go for the typical bingo game, expect to entertain your guests with this fun baby shower activity!




Baby Shower Bingo Cards (Boys)




Baby Shower Bingo Cards (Girls)


Baby Bingo Card 1
Baby Bingo Card 2
Baby Bingo Card 3
Baby Bingo Card 4
Baby Bingo Card 5
Baby Bingo Card 6
Baby Bingo Card 7
Baby Bingo Card 8
Baby Bingo Card 9
Baby Bingo Card 10


Baby Bingo Card 11
Baby Bingo Card 12
Baby Bingo Card 13
Baby Bingo Card 14
Baby Bingo Card 15
Baby Bingo Card 16
Baby Bingo Card 17
Baby Bingo Card 18
Baby Bingo Card 19
Baby Bingo Card 20


Baby Shower Bingo Word List





As with the other aspects of your baby shower, you have a choice whether to go for something theme-based, an active game or a pencil/paper one. Our theme-based baby shower game ideas and activities can be found with our other baby shower theme ideas. Majority of said games require some preparation on your part, which can vary from the baby items needed for a memory game to art materials on one of the activities that require your guests’ creative juices. They may require more time and attention than the game on this page, but we’re pretty sure your guests will find them different and more enjoyable as well.

The game on this page is primarily a pen(cil)-paper game. It is one of the traditional baby shower games, and though they won’t be called very exciting, we feel that your guests will find them a comfort to play, which will make it possible for them to gossip with the new mommy and other friends at the same time, which is definitely not a bad thing. Of course, there’s really no rule which says you only have to go one way (active games) or the other (traditional game). If a mix of the two will better suit your event,  then we say go for it!


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