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Shrek Baby Shower Foods

You can have a green-themed shower menu, so this means salads, pestos, pea soup and green tea cake will be part of your options.

But if you think that approach is not enough, then we need to tap some dishes that we can associate to some of the movie's characters. Some apple pie for Snow White, pumpkin soup for Cinderella, some angel hair pasta which reminds us of Rapunzel and her lovely hair, and so on. And if you, like us, cannot stand a meal without some meat to gnaw on, serve some chopped chicken wings, which you can call frog legs to be part of your repertoire.

You can serve your dishes in Ti or banana leaves, and you can even ask your guests to eat from the same if they're up to it.

For your dessert, green is still in so some green apple or some honeydew melon will be welcome if you prefer to have fruits. But if you think a party won't be complete without some cake, a green tea cake or ordinary-flavored cake with green icing will be good.

For the punch, you could either go for a green one (lime) or a brown one (chocolate). Googling green punch or chocolate punch will give you the recipe for said punch, and either will be perfect as your Shrek shower beverage.


Spa Baby Shower Foods

You have two options on how to approach your baby shower menu. You can make this a day of indulgence down to the food you will serve or you can choose to serve healthy snacks.

If the former is more to your taste, then these are dishes that are really delicious albeit a wee bit unhealthy. This will vary from each person, but generally, anything with chocolate, quite expensive so is not anybody's typical fare like gourmet dishes, ice cream, and a good wine fit the bill.

The latter means salads, fresh fruits, some sashimi, nuts, mushrooms and the like. Take note that the second option doesn't mean you and your guests are not allowed to enjoy your food. There are lots of good-tasting salads out there not to mention juicy and great-tasting fruits. If you think the salad will be tastier with a dollop of mayo in it, go ahead since nobody's about to shake their head at you since this is not a health club or anything.

Just keep in mind that whether you go one way or the other, great tasting food is a MUST for a party to be successful!


Sports Baby Shower Foods

Hotdogs should definitely be part of your repertoire. Burger, nuts, french fries and other typical food served during a sports game, are also part of your choices.

For your cake, you can bake a cake shaped like a bat or a jersey. Or if you prefer cupcakes, icing them to seem like your favorite ball, arrange them in a cake stand, and you have wonderful dessert that can also double up as your centerpiece right there.

You can just serve soda with your hotdogs and burgers. But if you want to feel like one of the players themselves, you can prepare some of the more popular Gatorade flavors to wash everything down.

Tea Party Baby Shower Foods

Different tea (hot or cold, your guests' choice) should be the basics of your shower menu, since how could you have a tea party, without the tea?! Cakes, pastries like scones and cookies, should be served side by side, with all that tea that you're serving.

Serve these yummy stuff using your best china set and silverware. That should do a lot for the tea shower feel that you are aiming for.

If you still haven't decided what your cake should be, there are two ways to approach this. Either go with your favorite cake, and just have it shaped like a tea pot to get that special tea party feel, or serve cakes with tea as one of its ingredients (check out this Green Tea Layer Cake recipe). That is indeed a tough choice, which we'll leave you to decide.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but your punch should be a tea punch or nothing. There are available instructions on the internet on how to concoct this beverage. You have tea from your meal to your punch, we are absolutely convinced that you are having a tea baby shower party!





Thanksgiving Baby Shower Foods

Your typical thanksgiving fare is perfect even for thanksgiving baby showers! So your traditional turkey, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, green bean or cranberry salad, and other family traditional dishes should be present in your shower menu.

Serve your fare using your best plate sets, since there's no better time to bring them out than when dual celebration of thanksgiving and baby shower is happening.

A pumpkin pie is a good replacement for the typical shower cake. But if you feel that a party is not complete without a cake, there are lots of pumpkin cake recipes available at

A pumpkin punch to wash everything down should also be considered. They're easy to make and there are lots of non-alcoholic recipes and they're just a google away.


Twin Baby Shower Foods

Green is a popular color for twin baby showers and choosing your menu items based on its color will be one approach for your twin shower menu. If you're going for this, be sure to serve salads with lots of green leafy vegetables, pea soup, pestos, basil-based pasta and the like. Any dish with pea are also very welcome.

Another way to approach your twin shower menu is to serve everything by twos. A couple of sushi, two dimsum, spaghetti w/ two meatballs, etc. You can also just serve your dishes on a single plate wherein two people will need to share the plate to eat their fill.

For your cake, a cake which comes in green color is always a good candidate. Having a cake in another color but with some special designs - a pair of booties, baby hand and footprints and so on, will also work well. Again, if you're having a Noah's Ark twin shower, then having your cake with animals and the famous ark will be the way to go.

Serving punch? A lime punch is certainly a great drink candidate - it comes in green color and will be a refreshing drink for you and your guests. What else can you ask for?!


Valentine Baby Shower Foods

Red dishes are definitely in. So any appetizer that requires a marinara food dip should be included. Tomato-based pasta is also very welcome. Other dishes that are typically served on romantic dinners are also worth considering.

Another approach to your baby shower menu is to serve everything by twos. A couple of sushi, two dimsum, spaghetti w/ two meatballs, etc. If you are having a coed shower, then you can also just serve your dishes on a single plate wherein the couple need to share the plate to eat their fill.

For your cake or any dessert you're serving, anything with chocolate or strawberry will be perfect additions to your repertoire, may it be chocolate cake or just strawberry dipped in chocolate.

And to wash everything down, prepare some strawberry or cranberry punch, whichever mom-to-be prefers. Either will be a refreshing drink for your Valentine baby shower guests.


Zebra Baby Shower Foods

Zebras are herbivores, they do not eat meat, and prefers plants and grasses. Which makes it a MUST to serve salads and other vegetables, which can be the basis of your soup, appetizer and main course.

Another approach to your zebra shower menu is to serve what we call jungle dishes – food based on the favorite food of other African animals (eg. Peanut-based noodles for elephants, banana-based desserts for monkeys). Or if the animal itself is edible (ostrich egg, anyone?), then something that features it as the main ingredient can also be part of your menu.

Another variation to this approach is to just to properly name your food for it to have the right “wild” factor, which means wild venison sandwich, tropical fruit salad, fruit safari are very welcome additions to your zebra baby shower food ideas.

If you were not attracted to said ideas, then how about serving something popular in Africa? Boiled or fried plantains for appetizer, groundnut stew, fish yassa, and some ginger drinks to wash everything down. For your dessert, you can serve something called kashata, which is basically a peanut and/or coconut-based sweet, or just serve fruit salad, composed of fruits popularly found in Africa.

For your cake, we think that a white buggy with black stripes is very fitting, and so is a diaper with blue stripes if mom-to-be is having a boy, and pink stripes if it’s a girl.

Watermelon and tamarind are from Africa, so we think that shakes made from these fruits (we highly recommend tamarind shake, it’s very refreshing!) will definitely be a nice counterpart to all those wonderful dishes.

That should give you tons of ideas on what to serve on your zebra shower, but if you want to consider other dishes, we found these safari party menu that you might want to look at.


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