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Cowboy Baby Shower Food Ideas

Any dishes that are popularly served on barbecues should also be part of your cowboy shower menu. Hotdogs, ribs, and other meat dishes are good candidates. Corn on cob is definitely worth adding. Dishes with beans are also worth considering. With so many items to choose from, lack of food ideas is definitely not a problem when throwing a cowboy baby shower.

Serve your dishes using stoneware dinning sets. If you have enough, your guests could also eat from similar plates and bowls. If you don't have stoneware sets, dishes with horses and anything related to western stuff, will also be sufficient.

You also have a lot of options for your cake. You could have a rocking horse cake, a cowboy hat cake, or a delicious-looking boot cake, and each works perfectly with your theme.

Instead of a punch, you could serve a Root beer Float as your official cowboy shower beverage. Yummy!


Detective Baby Shower Food Ideas

Think of your favorite detective novel. Now think of the title. Could you associate a particular food to the title? How about your favorite detective character? Does s/he have a favorite dish that you could serve in your baby shower? For example, you could serve something wherein maple is its main ingredient, and call it "Agatha Christie's Miss Maple" (if you're a fan of Agatha Christie, you will know that she wrote many Miss Marple mysteries). Or you could serve something with duck and call it "Martha Grimes' Succulent Duck" or something like that. That should give you an idea on how to build your menu for this particular theme!

Another approach is to ask your friends for their family's secret recipe (or they could cook it for you, if they prefer to keep the recipe secret). Your guests will definitely have a mysterious gathering, not to mention a very tasty one, to look forward to!

Or if you're interested, we know two cookbooks, written with mystery in mind. One's entitled Appetite for Murder: A Mystery Lover's Cookbook by Kathy Borich, while another is written by no other than Carolyn Keene, entitled The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking.

For your cake, you could serve any cake that you were able to associate to any detective stories or character (maple cake?). You could also bake a cake shaped like a question mark, a rubik's cube, and the like. Or to make things simpler, just bake a typical cake and icing some question marks in it. That should also do the trick!

If there's one color usually associated with mystery and detectives, it's the color gray (or grey), and hence, it's what the colour of our punch will be! Grape punch (or halloween punch) is definitely the ultimate detective or mystery punch, and that is why we suggest that you don't settle for anything less, if you want your menu to be as theme-based as possible.

So did we whet your appetite for mystery or what?


Diaper Baby Shower Food Ideas

Any dish that envelopes the "meat" inside should be considered for your diaper menu. You can go for Chinese and serve great dumplings or go for Mexican and serve some burritos. You have an option whether to make a diaper-shaped siomai or burrito or just go for the typical and less creative yet still very tasty version.

Another way to approach this one is to serve dishes that comes in brown or white color. Whether it's some stew and cookies or Fettuccini Alfredo, both are great meal options for those throwing a diaper baby shower.

For your cake, you can serve a diaper-shaped one to make your cake very theme-based. Another option is to serve a brown cake (definitely chocolate, although a caramel one is worth considering). But if you're aiming for white and pristine, there's nothing like a nice angel cake to tempt your guests' sweet tooth.

A chocolate punch will be one of your punch options, but again, a non-alcoholic white punch will also do the trick.


Dr Seuss Baby Shower Food Ideas

If you want to serve something beyond green eggs and ham, anything that features eggs as the main food ingredient (egg salad, green eggs, deviled eggs), are very welcome.

Another approach is to go for mismatched food by going for different size, shape or colors. So if you’re having spaghetti and meatballs, making some of the meatballs extra tiny while the others are giant in size is something you can consider. You can also choose to serve a pizza that comes in hat shape or any other shape that you prefer. Another approach to the spaghetti idea is to go for a pesto-based sauce but still have meatballs in the picture. We don’t know about you, but we think that one fits right in on any Seuss party.

Another approach is to tackle it by the food arrangement. As with decorations wherein swirls, polka dots, checkered and stripes are the way to go, arranging food that can lead to this appearance is also something you can consider.

There’s really no rule that says you only have to for a single approach, so if a combination of the above ideas will give you more options, then we say go for it.

Although not exactly something for your guests to eat, we think that asking your guests to eat on banana leaves is a cool experience so we’re pitching that in. We will leave to you whether to give them spoons and forks,  but if they’re game to eat with their hands, that should add the right DIFFERENT experience.

For your dessert, we say go for a cake shaped like a whimsically designed baby carriage (very big wheels) with the right red and white stripes, although Horton with his nest is also something you can consider. You can also go for a multi-layered cake, with the top-most designed to look like a hat with red and white stripes, but if you love cupcakes, like we do, go for cupcakes with white and red icings! And the great thing about this, those cupcakes will also serve as great takeaways for your guests and friends.

And to wash everything down, we think non-alcoholic drinks that come in red and white are something you can consider. And be sure to get one of those swirly quirky looking straws since that will add the right Seuss feel to your drinks, which is of course a good thing.


Duck Baby Shower Food Ideas

The theme itself implies what your dishes will be mainly composed of - duck. If you like duck as your theme, but not as something you will put in your mouth and chew, then dishes of any bird of your choice will still work perfectly.

Since you could only eat chicken up to certain extent, you could also serve egg dishes to your guests. Devilled eggs, egg soup, and the like, those will complement your ducky theme. Serve your meals using your yellow dinning sets.

A rubber ducky cake shouldn't come as a surprise to you and your guests. You could either have an egg-shaped cake, wherein a baby duck is peering from a crack. Or you could serve a cake shaped like a full grown duck. Either will greatly complement your theme.

Your punch should also be yellow in color, which shouldn't be difficult, since you could have pineapple or lemon-based punch, just to name a few. Now ain't that really ducky?


Easter Baby Shower Food Ideas

It won’t come as a surprise that your baby shower fare will be similar to other Easter party menu, so that means your typical deviled eggs and egg salad sandwich will still be part of your food offerings. So are your typical Easter fare of glazed ham, roast lamb, and turkey.

If you want to go beyond your typical Easter menu but still want to have a theme-based food offerings in the process, then we suggest serving different food that will come in different Easter colors! This can be a tomato-based pasta for red, green beans for your sides, some boiled corn can properly represent yellow, a vanilla cake with pink frostings should take care of white and pink, while serving a chocolate cake can take care of black and your guests’ craving for something chocolate. Serving fresh oranges and grapes or making a punch out of them will give you a refreshing conclusion to your meal. There are many other ways to approach your colorful food selection, so we suggest that you challenge your creative juices and we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun in the process!


Fairy Baby Shower Food Ideas

Dishes related to fairy tales is what we came up with, when thinking of the shower menu for this theme. Apple dishes (Snow White), pea dishes (The Princess and the Pea), seafood dishes (Little Mermaid), pasta (Rapunzel and her angel-like hair), and pumpkin dishes (Cinderella), are just some of the choices. That should give you more than enough options, when choosing your appetizer, main course ,and dessert.

Serving dishes using goldware, silverware and glassware brings back once upon a time dinning moments, which is what you want for your fairy shower.

Your cake should be shaped related to your favorite item in your most-loved fairy tale. If mom-to-be is having a girl, a cake shaped like Cinderella's glass slippers and her carriage are definitely two of the popular options. Otherwise, a cake shaped like a sword, a shield, or a rocking horse are the popular alternatives.

Apple punch, ginger punch or pumpkin punch, those are just some of your choices when coming up with the right punch for your fairy tale shower. If you don't feel like getting those, then we definitely recommend reviewing your favorite fairy tale, since that is all you need to do to come up with the right fairy tale punch for your fairy shower.


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Feet Baby Shower Food Ideas

Anything edible that has feet and legs are great candidates for your shower menu. Dishes which involve chicken, duck, turkey, etc were the first few things that came to mind. However, as long as you have the right amount of the said bird dishes, there's no reason for you not to serve salads or seafood dishes, especially if some of your guests are known to be vegetarians and the like.

Your cake could come shaped like a big footprint. Or you could serve a normal looking cake, and just icing some footprints on it. We bet your guests will love both ideas, feet and all.

For the punch, serve any punch of your taste (preferably something that will come in pink or blue colour). Just don't forget the finishing touches - footprint ice and footprint jelly.


Frog Baby Shower Food Ideas

Your frog shower menu is mainly composed of green dishes. You could start with salads, especially leafy ones. You could also serve pesto appetizers and other pesto-dominated dishes, since it fits your requirement, which is to serve delicious, healthy and green-colored food items.

You could also serve chicken wings (chopped to look like frog legs), so as to give you and your guests that necessary dose of protein.

To add to the frog atmosphere, you could serve your different dishes using Ti leaves or something similar. If your guests are up to it, why don't you let them enjoy those wonderful meals on Ti leaves as well, since that will be quite an experience for them.

Your cake should be chocolate-flavored, since brown (color of mud) is a MUST-have color in any frog shower. You could shape it like a giant leaf, since that is way more attractive than chewing a frog-shaped cake. If you are not enamored with a chocolate dessert, then serve green tea cakes to your guests.

For the punch, you could either go for a green one (lime) or a brown one (chocolate). Googling green punch or chocolate punch will give you the recipe for the said punch, and either will be perfect as your frog shower beverage.


Halloween Baby Shower Food Ideas

Do not be surprised if your menu will be dominated by lots of pumpkin dishes, from your appetizers to your Halloween beverages. You could start with some pumpkin soup, and end with some pumpkin pie, with pumpkin juice or some pumpkin punch to wash everything down. If that's too much pumpkin to your taste, don't worry, you'll not be limited to pumpkin dishes if you're throwing a Halloween shower.

Another way to approach your Halloween shower menu is by preparing dishes with the right Halloween color (anything in orange and/or black are definitely welcome). Another option is to "decorate" your dishes properly so they will have the necessary Halloween touch. A casserole served in a pumpkin husk will definitely be a great addition to your Halloween shower! Cupcakes that look like a mummy or some other "scary" Halloween character will be welcome to your table as well. Those should give you lots of ideas on what to serve on this special and seasonal shower.

If you want to go beyond the ideas mentioned above, we found this Halloween party menu that you might want to look at.


Jungle Baby Shower Food Ideas

Fruits and meat dishes will be an integral part of your theme-based shower menu. You can start with fruits that are normally consumed by some jungle animals - bananas, apples, peaches, kiwis, berries, just to name a few. Your meat dishes can be composed of popular game meats like turkey, deer, duck, rabbits, etc. You can turn them into fruit or meat kabobs, an appetizer or two, a gourmet sandwich or an entree.

Another approach to your safari baby shower menu is to give your food some jungle-like names. Wild venison sandwich, tropical fruit salad, fruit safari are just a few examples.

Serve your dishes using stoneware dinning sets. If you have enough, your guests could also eat from similar plates and bowls. If you don't have stoneware sets, dishes with animals or trees will do as well.

You can just eat fresh fruits as is for desserts or make some cakes wherein fruit(s) is a major ingredient. Both will work perfectly with what you have so far.

And lastly, a tropical fruit punch to wash everything down. They are easy to make and will be a refreshing conclusion to your wonderful meal.


Ladybug Baby Shower Food Ideas

When preparing for your ladybug menu, you must have fresh veggies in abundance. You can start by preparing some salads, your favorite vegetable-based soup, pesto, just to name a few.

Another approach to your menu is to go by color when singling out the dishes you want to serve. Red and black dishes are MUST-Haves, so this means tomato-based pastas and some yummy chocolate dessert are definitely in. So are buffalo wings and squid ink pasta. Green food in a ladybug shower is very welcome so that’s something that you can explore as well.

Of course you can just serve the favorites of the mom-to-be and just play around with dessert to get the right ladybug theme you want for your food. This means going for a red buggy cake with black polka dots, super chocolate (cup)cakes, caramelized apples with the right red and black hues, just to name a few. You can also go fresh and just serve some yummy grapes, green apple, kiwi fruit, and the like.

Green tea, whether served hot or cold, is definitely welcome. You can also serve some soda (some Coke or Pepsi, Mountain Dew), although going for fresh fruit shakes like watermelon, apple, green mango and so on, are worthy alternatives.


Long Distance Baby Shower Food Ideas

One approach to your long distance video shower menu is to prepare some of the favorites from mom-to-be's state or town. This is a great way to really make this party all about the new mommy, even if the new mommy cannot be present during the party.

Another approach is to prepare mom-to-be's favorites. It will help achieve the same thing mentioned above, and at the same time, you can ask somebody who lives near mom-to-be to prepare the same thing for the new mommy when she finally receives and watches the video of her shower. That should help mom-to-be feel much closer to her long distance shower celebration.

For your cake or any dessert you're serving, be sure to order or prepare a miniature version to be given to the new mommy. This is the next best thing since she cannot be present and enjoy dessert during the actual party.

Since mom-to-be is actually not present in the shower, alcoholic beverages can be served, although not serving any is still the best policy. Be sure to prepare a punch or two that everybody can use to wash that great meal down. Do not forget to make a toast to mom-to-be and her new baby!


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