Want everything to be theme-based, down to your baby shower menu?! Then check out our different baby shower food ideas below.


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Luau Baby Shower Food Ideas

Fruits are definitely a MUST SERVE on this baby shower theme. Any dish with papaya, pineapple and coconut are definitely fit for your luau shower! If you want to serve popular Hawaiian dishes (eg. Kalua pig), there are many such dishes featured at

We also suggest that you serve your dishes in coconut shells, to accentuate your chosen theme. If your guests are up to it, they could also eat their meal from Ti leaves, instead of plates. That should be an interesting experience for them!

Any cakes that feature fruits like pineapples or coconuts are expected in a Luau shower. Or you could forget the cake, and just stick to fresh fruits for your dessert. Talk about a fresh and healthy conclusion to your meal!

And lastly,a fruit punch is definitely in order for this theme. We did say from the start that fruits are one the stars of a Luau shower menu, right?


Monkey Baby Shower Food Ideas

Fruits, specifically bananas, are kinda expected, so if you’re throwing a monkey baby shower, this means that banana muffins, banana split, banana shake are just some of the things that you will prepare for your guests.

But since not everyone can live with just banana, we think that extending your fare to include the whole jungle instead of just monkeys will give you more variety.

The simplest way is to give your food some jungle-like names.  Jungle Caesar, Wild Fruit Salad and Safari Delis (your traditional cold cuts) are just a few examples. We also love the idea of a Very Venison Sandwich, Wild Boar BBQ (your traditional pork BBQ), Fried Fowl Wings (chicken wings), and rabbit stew to add more options to your food line up. That should give you tons of ideas already, but if you’re looking for more, we found this safari/jungle menu that you might want to look at.

Although not exactly something for your guests to eat, we think that asking your guests to eat on banana leaves is a cool experience so we’re pitching that in. We will leave to you whether to give them spoons and forks,  but if they’re game to eat with their hands, that should add to the experience.

For your dessert, you can just serve fresh fruits or make some cakes wherein fruit(s) is a major ingredient (pineapple upside down cake is one of our favorites!). But if you prefer traditional vanilla or chocolate cake, just have one to be designed with a mum and baby monkey or a monkey wearing a diaper and that should also be fine.

And lastly, some tropical fruit punch or fresh fruit shakes to wash everything down. They are easy to make and will be a refreshing conclusion to your wonderful meal.


Moon and Stars Baby Shower Food Ideas

Relaxation, sleep, and comfort, that is what this theme represents for us. And it just seems right that for this theme, your menu should be composed of comfort foods!

You could either ask your guests for their favorite comfort food (and choose from the list) or just decide the menu between you and mom-to-be. Either way will work for your shower!

Another take on this theme is to serve dinner menu, even if your shower is in the middle of the afternoon!

For your cake, you could either create some chinese moon cake, or other moon cake recipes. Or you could just bake some half moon-shaped or star-shaped cakes.

For the punch, just choose some pineapple punch, and instead of using typical ice, freeze some pineapple juice in star-shaped ice trays and add to your punch. That should give your punch a nice kick!

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Food Ideas

For this theme, you could either go for purely meat dishes (the animals), purely seafood dishes (the sea/flood), or a combination of both. You could decide based on your guests' preferences, and of course, mom-to-be's. If possible, choose dishes that will add more color to your table!

Make sure that everything is served in colorful plates, and your other party items, like glasses, should also be full of colors. Rainbow colors are of course, your priority, when deciding on what color to pick!

Your cake should definitely be the most colorful among your dishes. Animal cake decors will also be great in your rainbow cake!

For your punch, it should definitely be a Rainbow Punch! That should complete your most colorful baby shower yet!


Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Food Ideas

Looking at nursery rhymes about food seems a great start in planning your nursery rhyme theme menu!

Dishes with apple are definitely an option, since we have to admit, there are many nursery rhymes with reference to the said fruit. You could also serve some sausages (Five Fat Sausages), any pork dishes, since pigs are also popular in nursery rhymes, Pumpkin Pie (Peter, Peter, the Pumpkin Eater), Egg dishes (Humpty Dumpty), and many more! Who says nursery rhymes cannot be yummy?

Tarts and pies have their minute of stardom in certain nursery rhymes, hence, coming up with your dessert menu for this theme is definitely not a problem! But if you prefer having a cake for your shower, we suggest that you bake one in the shape of Humpty Dumpty himself, or a nursery rhyme character that you don't mind digging into. Or you could just bake a typical cake and icing it with the mom-to-be's favorite nursery rhyme, and place some cake decors in the shape of your favorite nursery rhyme characters. Either ideas will be great for your chosen theme!

If you're mixing some punch, try some punch with apple juice and bits! If you found that interesting, but still prefer something more unusual, just serve some pumpkin punch, kids version. It couldn't get more nursery-like than that!


Oriental Baby Shower Food Ideas

Dimsum and dumplings or Japanese makis are the popular options for your oriental shower menu. Serve them with some Japanese or Chinese tea, and voila, you have your menu for this theme!

Serve your food in chinese take out boxes, instead of the typical paper plates, and of course, chopsticks are in order ( just prepare spoon and fork, just in case some of your guests prefer them). Of course for the tea, we're assuming that you have your very own tea set to use for this.

You could either create your own version of chinese moon cakes or just bake an ordinary cake in the shape of a fortune cookie! That should bring some good fortune and fun to your party! Or just bake a typical cake and icing some dragons and chinese characters in it. Make sure you're using red icing for this.

Dragon punch is definitely THE punch for an oriental baby shower! Dragon punch is basically any red punch that you feel your guests will prefer. Enjoy!


Owl Baby Shower Food Ideas

Since your guests and owls might have a different food preference (they like spiders and we’re pretty sure you don’t), the easiest way to have a theme-based menu for your owl shower is to arrange food to look like an owl. This means that for each fare you have, make sure you have a round shape and a triangle one at the very least. Serving salad? Make sure you have a cucumber in the picture, a triangle-shaped carrot, and just arrange everything in a platter, with the cucumber as owl eyes, and the carrot as beak. Serving meatballs and cheese? The meatballs are already in perfect shape, and if you cut your cheese right, they’ll look perfectly like an owl’s beak as well. If you’re serving a sandwich, the bread itself can serve as the owl’s body, and we’ll leave to you what will work as its eyes and beak. And after all those examples, we’re pretty sure you get the idea and can do your owl food decoration after you and the new mommy finalizes the menu.

Owls are usually associated to learning, so we think serving what people call brain food is something you can consider. Salmon (and other oily fish), wholegrain food, blueberries, nuts, and food rich in tomatoes are great candidates. That should give you tons of choices already, and if you decided to serve majority of them, you will have tons of owl themed fare, which means you can choose to serve non-themed based stuff and that will be fine.

Your cake can be shaped like a friendly-looking owl, although you can again use the baby carriage with an owl perched on the handle idea as well for your cake design. We are great fans of going for a tower of cupcakes instead of your traditional layered cake, so if you’re of the same mind, just decorate them with elements that you associate with owls and learning and that will add the right owl twist to any cupcake you make. And the great thing about going for cupcakes? They will also make instant takeaways for your guests, so we love said idea!

You can serve fresh fruit shakes and juices to wash everything down, although serving soda is also not a problem. Although this is not exactly pregnant-friendly, did you know that coffee beans are also one of the brain food? So if you think the mom to be won’t mind if you do so, grind some of those wonderful beans and serve your guests a cup or two.


Pirate Baby Shower Food Ideas

Seafood dishes should be part of your pirate repertoire. Fish crackers, dry biscuit and some stew to go with that will be very piratey and therefore fitting. Serving chicken wings will be great and some tropical fruits like pineapple and orange will be refreshing additions.

Provide some tin plates and mugs for your guests. You can prepare some utensils for your more fussy guests, but eating your food with bare hands is encouraged on a pirate baby shower.

Your cake should be made with at least one of the tropical fruits as a major ingredient. Although we doubt that pirates will have time to bake a cake when they're on their ship, the fact that this cake will have pineapple or other tropical ingredients is a nice enough compromise.

You can opt to prepare some pirate punch minus the rum (more like tropical punch) or just serve rootbeer float. Either ideas will work nicely with what you have prepared for your pirate shower party.




Pooh Baby Shower Food Ideas

Salads (from Rabbit's garden) are the perfect way to start your Pooh shower menu. It could be followed by your main course, wherein honey is one of the main ingredients. Honey fried chicken, honey curried chicken, honey walnut shrimps, oh my, our mouths are watering just thinking of those sweet and tasty dishes.

Honey is one of the popular ingredients of different cakes and pastries, so you will not have any difficulty when it comes to your cake. And it could also come in different shapes - Rabbit's carrot, Pooh's hunny jar, a balloon, you really have a lot of choices!

For your punch, you could choose any punch, but instead of using sugar, you could use honey instead. Of course, you might have to single out flavors that will really work great with honey. Just to give you a hint, lime and iced tea are fantastic with honey, and should be prioritized.


Precious Moment Baby Shower Food Ideas

We love food in general, but there are some dishes that we can't help but crave for, every once in awhile, and we know you also have similar cravings. And these dishes that you can't help but look for, should be part of your precious moment shower menu!

You could either ask each of your guests to name their favorite (precious) dishes when they RSVP, and decide with mom-to-be which to serve, or just choose the menu based on mom-to-be's favorites ,since she is the star of the show, so to speak.

Another approach to building your menu for this theme is to ask your guests for their heirloom recipes. But if it's too precious and too much a secret, then you could just ask them over to make these special dishes, or just ask them to whip it up on the comfort of their own homes and bring it to the party. Now that's one yummy party to look forward to!

Serve dishes using glass, gold and silverware. You cannot serve your dishes using anything less precious for this special-themed shower!

For your cake, an edible picture cake is definitely what you want for this theme. Just choose a picture of your choice (one of mom-to-be's precious moments), and send it to a baker offering said services, and there you go, a precious moment cake.

Nothing less than a gold punch should do, if you want your precious moment baby shower to be precious up to the last drop. Now you're ready to party!


Prince Baby Shower Food Ideas

Once upon a time, most of the dishes served in any castle are due to the effort of the kingdom's hunting parties. Hence, for this particular theme, any game animals could be served. Duck, goose, quail, dove, and deer, just to name a few.

Another take to your prince shower menu is to serve dishes related to fairy tales wherein a prince saved a princess from some danger, may it be a witch, a curse, and the like. Anything with apple (Snow White), and pasta (Rapunzel's angel-like hair) are more than acceptable. Or if you find that quite restricting, you could include dishes related to fairy tales in general (eg. ginger dishes - Hansel and Gretel, etc). If you still don't have enough choices, we suggest that you refer to a book called Fairy Tale Feast, which contains different recipe related to your favorite fairy tales.

You could serve your dishes using silverware and glassware, since that will increase the princely rating of shower menu. If you have chalices or anything like that, then this sounds like a good opportunity to bring them out and put them into good use.

Your cake could be shaped like a sword, a rocking horse, or a shield, with pictures of baby articles.

For your punch, you could go back to your list of fairy tales, to come up with the right punch. Ginger punch (Hansel and Gretel), pumpkin punch (Cinderella), and apple punch, are just some of your choices.

Princess Baby Shower Food Ideas

Dishes with apple (Snow White) and peas (The Princess and the Pea) seem like a good start. It could be in your salad, your soup, or dessert!

Dishes using spaghetti or any long strand pastas (this remind us of Rapunzel's hair!) would also be terrific. Also, any seafood dishes (Little Mermaid) will also be a great addition to your princess shower menu!

Time to bring out your silverware and glassware, since there's something quite majestic about them, that we definitely want to have in our princess shower. If you have chalice or anything like that, then this sounds like a good opportunity to bring them out and put them into good use.

Your cake should be a princess cake or nothing! If you're wondering what makes a cake fit for a princess, well, it should either be in the form of Cinderella's glass shoe or a pink cake. Very tasty, but still lovely and girly to look at!

Any pink or red punch could also pass itself off as a Princess Punch, as long as the color stays pink or red, and that it taste great!


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